Way to see is recording HD or SD in web interfaces?

  • I am running headless VDR server and I have no access VDR GUI in normal Ubuntu. The problem is that only way to see is my recoding from HD or SD channel is to look it in computers file manager and check the folder filesize. That is a decently working method but it would be nice to see that in Live or VDRAdmin-AM websites. I some cases I can see used codec in VDRAdmin-AM but not always. I believe in DVB-S2 stores the codec but not DVB-T2 so that is not a only clear indication about recoding resolution.

    It would be nice to have information is recoding resolution or filesize as an addition to recording length and aspect ratio I can currently see. Is there a setting for this or is this just a missing feature in web interfaces?

    VDR 2.4.1

    Live 2.3.1

    VDRAdmin-AM 3.6.10

    Ubuntu 20.04