How to configure channel binding in VDR channel list to specific DVB-S2 tuner

  • Hello,

    I have following setup:

    DEBIAN ("buster") v10.10.0


    vdr (2.4.0/2.4.0) - The Video Disk Recorder --> installed from Debian package distribution (apt-get)

    femon (2.4.0) - DVB Signal Information Monitor (OSD)

    xineliboutput (2.1.0) - X11/xine-lib output plugin

    Hardware setup:

    PCI-e card DVB-S/2 Dual tuners ST-STV0910 by Digital Devices with each tuner connected directly with two individual LNB’s at same satellite dish.

    First LNB is pointing to Astra1M-19E2 and it is connected to tuner 0 /dev/dvb/adapter0/ frontend0

    Second LNB is pointing to Hotbird-13E and it is connected to tuner 1 /dev/dvb/adapter1/ frontend0

    I have channels.conf that contains channels from both satellites Astra1M-19E2 + Hotbird-13E.

    How to configure channels.conf and VDR so that each channel will bind to specific frontend at dual tuner DVB-S card?

    1) I know that I can do channel binding to specific tuner via CAID value, but this seems to works only for Free-to-Air channels, while it is not to working correctly if there is encrypted channels with multiple CAID values.

    What is the correct way to specify the DVB-S card number in CAID list if the channel has multiple CAID values like in typical encrypted channel?

    2) I also know the channel binding patch:

    Where Rid value is used to bind the channel to specific card frontend, but I am unable to find the correct batch file channelbinding_patch.tar.bz2 from channel-binding Patch

    Or is there any other way how to bind specific channel to specific DVB-S card frontend?

    I would be grateful for help!

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    when I understand you correctly the following should do the trick:

    1. Stop VDR

    2. change diseqc.conf

    something like this:

    3. change settings in LNB config to 'use diseqc'


  • Hi highrgb,

    Thank you for the prompt reply.

    I tried your configuration and it works perfectly. When I was looking solutions I also found diseqc configuration but it was not clear for me if it would also work for hardware setup without diseqc module.

    Thank you for the help!

    We can close this thread.