yavdr install block on preseed

  • Hello

    I'm start a new install with yavdr and i have a problem.
    At the end of install on yavdr 0.2.2, the install block on script preseed.

    How can i do to finish my install ?

    Thank you for your help


  • Hi franpom,
    just waiting is the solution. On my test-system it takes nearly 45minutes at the step "preseed".

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  • That's caused by dkms compiling alsa 1.0.23, nct677x, possibly s2-liplianin or v4l-dvb if you selected one of them in the startup screen.

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    Original von franpom
    Can you give me the option menu for nexus S ver 2.1
    I'm take the v4l-dvb but i don't sure that the good option ?

    I think this card ist already supported by the kernel drivers, but it is a bad choice for yavdr.


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  • EasyVDR or Gen2VDR.

    yaVDR just isn't meant for FF cards.

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