[ANNOUNCE] VDR Version 2.6.7 freigegeben

  • VDR version 2.6.7 is now available at the official VDR GIT archive


    You can also get the latest stable version with

    git clone --branch stable/2.6 git://git.tvdr.de/vdr.git

    or as a tar archive with


    The changes since version 2.6.6:

    - Fixed the move assignment operator to check for self-assignment (suggested by

    Stefan Herdler).

    - Added missing initialization of cChannel::nameSourceMode (thanks to Winfried Köhler).

    - Modified handling channel names with source to make it thread safe (thanks to

    Stefan Herdler).

    - Adapted "Setup/Miscellaneous/Show channel names with source" to the new handling

    in cChannel.

    - Added a 15 second grace period before actually stopping a VPS timer (thanks to

    Markus Ehrnsperger).

    - The primary device no longer starts unnecessary threads if it doesn't have a decoder

    (thanks to Markus Ehrnsperger).

    - The info file of a recording is now re-read if an update of the video directory

    is triggered, to make sure modifications from other VDRs are adopted.

    - Updated the Hungarian OSD texts (thanks to István Füley).

    - The new setup parameters "EPG scan max. channel number" and "EPG pause after scan"

    can be used to tune the behavior of the EPG scan (see MANUAL for details).

    - Improved handling present/following data for VPS timers (thanks to Markus Ehrnsperger).

    - Logging event status changes now also shows the previous status (thanks to Markus


    - Fixed logging when a timer has entered the VPS margin.

    - The EIT scan no longer deletes the scanList if no device was switched in this pass.

    - The EIT scan now skips scanList entries if a device is already tuned to that


    - The EIT scan is no longer inhibited if a timer is in VPS margin or needs the


    - If the current channel is no longer available because of a VPS timer entering the

    VPS margin, live view now switches to the channel of that timer.

    - A device is now always kept occupied if a timer is in VPS margin or needs the

    transponder (thanks to Markus Ehrnsperger).

    Homepage: http://www.tvdr.de

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VideoDiskRecorder

    Have fun!


  • yaVDR-Dokumentation (Ceterum censeo enchiridia esse lectitanda.)

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