Program categories in EPG data (LEARNED - NOT SOLVED)?

  • I have a wish to record all live sports that certain channels offer. If I use pure "live" search term I will get plenty of talkshows etc. I am not interested. So in perfect world I would use search where only from category "sports" I automatically everything that contains term "live". As I can not see in Finnish DVB-T/T2 broadcasting any categories in EPG data so currently I do it in a way with multiple searchtimers where I combine words icehockey and live. That works but I need to do a separate search for each sports.

    Now theory part

    1) Is there a thing called "Category" in DVB standards? Currently I do not see anything like that in any systems I use. This means some TV vendor stuff and VDR.

    2) If there is a such thing as Program Category in VDR if broadcast offers it? I have not seen such in Live etc. I typically use.

  • Is there a thing called "Category" in DVB standards?

    As far I know: No. At least not used by any channel I know. But you can get that from some payed EPG provider (e.g. for german channels You need epgd/epg2vdr to bring these external EPG data into your VDR.

    If there is a such thing as Program Category in VDR

    No, but with epgsearch, epgd, epg2vdr and an EPG provider which provide this informations for your Finnish channels it will be possible.

    Edit: One major problem: You need a epgd plugin for your Finnish EPG provider to import the data. I think, you have to write it self, there are only plugins for german provider.

  • Thanks - this was my assumption too. It is doable but you need some external EPG information in top of DVB data. In Finland I do not know any commercial EPG data provider but I know there are some others freeware that offers bit better data.

    I know in Finland some VDR users have used this setup in past but I believe they used XMLTV plugin on that time. I do not know which datavendor is the best option here in 2021. Need to study that a bit more as it might solve some other EPG related issues too.

  • Is there a thing called "Category" in DVB standards?

    Yes there is, defined in the content descriptor. Also VDR records it in the info file after the "G" letter for "genre".

    man 5 vdr describes it:

    <genre>  is a two digit hex code, as defined in  ETSI EN 300 468, table 28 (up to 4 genre codes are supported)

    And VDR can translate the codes to text (excerpt from epg.c for Sports):

    So if there are "G 4x" in your info files the provider sends some content code.

    However, even if the providers set the content code I don't know if epgsearch can search for it. On a quick glance I only found that %genre% can be used in directory names for recordings via timer.

  • So if there are "G 4x" in your info files the provider sends some content code.

    I found a lot of "G YX" in my, so some channels (e.g. tagesschau24) sends these information.

    E 14598 1632779400 1800 53 10
    T Pedale, Power, Pandemie
    S Der E-Bike-Boom und seine Folgen
    G 40
    X 1 03 deu SD
    X 2 03 deu stereo
    V 1632779400

    But I have no idee how to use the "G" value in a search timer. %genre% does not work, it needs a entry like "D Genre: Nachrichten".

  • In epgsearch you can find "Use Content Descriptor"


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    osdteletext, radio, recsearch, satip, tvguide, vnsiserver

    ubuntu focal, yavdr-ansible, linux-5.15 ,AsRock J4105, CIne CT-V7 DVB-C

  • Thx, I never saw this feature because I use live as frontend. This feature is missing in the live frontend.

    tikola : If your channel sends the information, this could be your solution.

  • Actually I also learned last night in Finnish forum, that there is a such setting in DVB standard. The downside is that local broadcaster fills that field with nonsense if fills that all. So yes we have a solution or at least a feature request. VDR finds it but Live which I typically use do not show it. So needs in this topic are

    1) Local broadcaster starts to fill field properly - or I find a way to get that information from web

    2) VDR live needs to learn to handle that information so it can be used as a automated search

    Not really a urgent need but on the list of feature requests for sure. Especially if somewhere in the world Genre is given in proper way in broadcast.

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