multiplex streams

  • Hello everybody,

    i have a litte question about VDR.
    A week ago, i setted up VDR. I can watch the digital TV now and i can even stream the
    channel that i' am watching on my computer trough the network .
    But here comes the question. At the moment, i just stream the channel that i' am watching
    on my computer. On the client side, i use vlc to pick up this channel and it works. But is it not possible to do a multiplex streaming. Actually streaming a hole group of channels.
    This would be very cool because I could watch digitalTv on the client and i also could choose
    between the channels from one group. Now i can only see the channel that is running on my server.
    Can somebody help me with this. I know that this is nog easy but it has to be possible or not??

    Best Regards

  • Hi,

    I don't know how to multiplex multiple programmes into one stream, neither I don't know how to demultiplex them with VLC, however I'd suggest a different solution:
    I suppose you use the streamdev-server on your VDR-pc, right? Wouldn't it be possible to set up multiple instances of the streamdev device, one for each programme on the current transponder?

    Bye Jo

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  • Oke,

    ollir to reply on your answer. I have a budget DVB-card. So are you giving
    me hope??!!:-)

    And inderdeed Jol, i'am using the streamdev-server.
    But i think that your solution would be good if I only had to stream 3 or 4 channels. I want to stream 8 channels. So, my cpu would run very fast out of sources i think. But thanks anyway.

    Is there anybody who thinks about other solution??


  • hi,

    i use vdr and vdr-streamdev with a budget card. in the plugin setup you can use stream TS.

    i use mplayer as client. in the transponderstream of "RTL World" are seven Programms (RTL,RTL2,SRTL,N-TV,RTL-SHOP,VOX and Traum Partner).
    i can watch all programms at the same time. but the vdr-prozess take a lot of CPU and go into buffer owerflow errors.


  • Ollir, thanks for that.
    Then i think i don't use the vdr-streamdev-plugin.
    I get the mono-streaming work with the remote-option in VDR.
    I think i will try to do it like that. I keeep you in touch.


  • Thanks Ollir,

    but i still don't know where to download it.
    There's now options or links on that page to download the source
    and i can't understand Deutch. Maybe that's just the problem:-)
    Can you please help me again?


  • Oke,

    i was able to find the plugins, but i have a litte other problem.
    When i try to install the plugins everythings goes good except for
    the streamdev-plugin. Here i get the error: *** plugins without APIVERSION: stream

    Does anybody knows what this means?


  • Hi,
    as mentioned above please checkout the latest cvs snapshot! vdr 1.4x requires/checks for APIVERSION ... VDRVERSION is no longer supported.

    For a quick check please search/replace all occurences of "VDRVERSION" by "APIVERION" within the streamdev Makefile.


  • Hallo,

    This seems to be very strang.
    I thought i downloaded the plugin but it seems that i just downloaded
    a standalone application(dvbstream).
    So compiling plugins with this was off course not the best idea:-), but i
    didn't notice.
    I just cannot find that plugin. Everything seems to be in Deutch and i have no
    clue about what there are saying.
    Can you just give me a straight url. That would be very nice.
    I was also wondering. I already use the plugin "xineliboutput".
    If i also want to start a second plugin, should i also put it next to the command-line
    that i now use to start vdr-xineliboutput or can i just find the plugin in the menu?
    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards

  • Thanks,

    and sorry for the questions. I never used CVS before.
    Should i first install a cvs-client or is this already installed by default in
    the system. And if it's installed by default, what is the login.
    Is this just "anonymous" or do I first have to create some kind of userId and


  • Yes off course,

    but he two command that arghgra gave me or not working for me.The thing is if i do it like arghgra said then i always have this error:

    [root@localhost dvbstreamer-0.5]#cvs login
    Logging in to
    CVS password:
    cvs [login aborted]: connect to failed: Connection refused

    so i thought that i maybe had to do something else first, before connecting. And you also spoke over a cvs-client so that's why i asked.