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  • Upgrading with yavdr-ansible the folders in Recordings menu are gone. The "show folders" setting should be on. Same thing with extrecmenu and normal recordings menu. If the "show folders" is on it shows some folders but looks like the first level of folders is gone. Any idea what is wrong?

  • Did you use the same hdd for recording and the os?

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  • Yes but the /srv directory is a mount in separate partition. Looks like all the recordings are there but the first level of directories is missing. A long list of recordings shows up when I open the recordings menu.

  • Please show the start arguments of the vdr: vdr --showargs

    There is a start parameter --hide-first-recording-level which causes the first level of folders to be hidden. This can be used to merge several Folders with recordings visually.

    It seems that I introduced a bug yesterday (…da2555bf5a7bef72f15e511d3) which causes this start argument to be always set. You can delete the file /etc/vdr/conf.d/04-vdr-hide-first-recordinglevel.conf until I am able to fix the playbook.

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  • This should fix the issue in the playbook:…40bd4dc2f4f6a2558fc8aa07b

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