Loadepg [Resolved]

  • Hi,

    I'm Italian and I use yavdr 0.6.2 but the epg scan does not work for italian channels. I would like to know if the plugins loadpeg is available for my distro (deb for trusty). Thanks.

  • I suppose you are looking for the LoadEPG plugin from http://lukkinosat.altervista.org/?

    I just uploaded a package vdr-plugin-loadepg for it, please give it a try: sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get install vdr-plugin-loadepg, then (after configuring the plugin if necessary) restart the VDR (sudo restart vdr).

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  • There is also the plugin named vdr-plugin-eepg that should be able to get the epg over the air.

    Another approach is to use the vdr-plugin-xmltv2vdr. This plugin is able to import xmltv files with epg data into the vdr. Unfortunately, there is no grabber to import epg for italian channels out of the box. So you have to find an xmltv source with the data and write a little script that gets called from xmltv2vdr and that fetches the data or creates the xmltv file to import.


    You can ignore the section with the defined channelnames and use the channelnames available from the xmltv file. However, if you change the source of the epg data and the new source contains different channelnames, you will get into problems because xmltv2vdr expects the channelnames to match across all the sources. (In that case, stop the vdr, remove the entries with the channelnames from the setup.conf file, restart the vdr and use the new source with the different channelnames.)

  • Also Is possible this plugins in ansible?

    You can customize a list for the vdr plugins you want to be installed by the playbook: https://github.com/yavdr/yavdr…/focal/group_vars/all#L45

    Adding a task to copy a file should be no problem: https://docs.ansible.com/ansib…/builtin/copy_module.html

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