2x NIC; VLC works, xine&xbmc don't

  • Hi.

    Using yavdr 0.2 & latest updates.
    Since I've changed the networking on my HTPC, I get no picture in VDR.

    I have 2 networks. 1x wlan (internet) and 1x eth (udp streming tv - IPTV).
    If I start VLC it works, but there's "no signal" on xine.

    If i disable the wlan0 interface, xine and xbmc work nomally.

    Are there any settings to setup xine (vdr) to use eth0 instead of wlan0 maybe? Routing should be ok. tcpdump shows the streaming packets ...


  • solution: route had to be permanent.
    I changed it and restarted only network the first time, and it wasn't enough.

    I added this route:
    route add -net dev eth0

  • The "route add" trick doesn't work in yavdr [0.3a].
    I can't watch multicast stream (eth0) and surf the net (wlan0) at the same time.

    Not even VLC works. I can see the packets with "tcpdump -i eth0" though.

    Edit: found the solution!
    net/ipv4/conf/all/rp_filter and
    must be set to 0.
    It works now.

    Looks like the new yavdr changed it to 1 by default.

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