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    Using yavdr 0.3a with upgrades and dist-upgrades.

    added ppa: the-vdr-team/unstable-plugins and yavdr/unstable-vdr

    Watching only IPTV through VNSI - XBMC.

    I also tried building it myself (using disable-ca-updates patch) as stated here:…010-September/023561.html

    vdr is 1.7.16-12yavdr7_i386

    ... I think I don't have the latest dev builds. Alwin? Kamp? Where are the ppa's? :)


    The "route add" trick doesn't work in yavdr [0.3a].
    I can't watch multicast stream (eth0) and surf the net (wlan0) at the same time.

    Not even VLC works. I can see the packets with "tcpdump -i eth0" though.

    Edit: found the solution!
    net/ipv4/conf/all/rp_filter and
    must be set to 0.
    It works now.

    Looks like the new yavdr changed it to 1 by default.

    I've tested some more, after the last update (the update reseted my "hack" back to default "vdr-sxfe@vdr-plugin-xineliboutput") and again IPTV stopped working.

    After reapplying the change in vdr-frontend file, everything got back to working again.

    I don't exactly know the difference, I didn't have time to check all the scripts. Thought it still might help someone.

    after the last update VNSI also started to "shut down in 5 minutes" so I edited the setup (/etc/vdr/setup.conf), changed MinUserInactivity to 0 and rebooted.
    [ dont forget to stop VDR before editing the config :) ]


    Originally posted by raw
    Manually changed the file: /etc/init/vdr-frontend to start-xbmc-frontend.
    Now it sort of works (after 3 reboots).

    Using yaVDR 0.2 with all the updates ...

    If I use "xine@vdr-plugin-xine" and start xbmc from there, LiveTV (IPTV) is working. If I change the setting (web config) to "XBMC@vdr-plugin-streamdev (experimental)", XBMC is started automatically but I can't see LiveTV anymore. And it crashes a lot.

    Plugins are configured (using VNSI client).

    Does the frontend selection (in web config) change some other settings, or maybe even stops some needed services?

    How to configure XBMC as default frontend?


    Using yavdr 0.2 & latest updates.
    Since I've changed the networking on my HTPC, I get no picture in VDR.

    I have 2 networks. 1x wlan (internet) and 1x eth (udp streming tv - IPTV).
    If I start VLC it works, but there's "no signal" on xine.

    If i disable the wlan0 interface, xine and xbmc work nomally.

    Are there any settings to setup xine (vdr) to use eth0 instead of wlan0 maybe? Routing should be ok. tcpdump shows the streaming packets ...


    I have the same problem (and we're not alone) - check the VNSI thread.

    As far as I know, there's no solution jet, but you can help by providing the crash logs. Unfortunately (if I understand correctly) main VNSI programmer is MIA (missing in action :) ).

    XBMC VNSI "Segmentation fault" crash (lastest hepi's xbmc ontop of yaVDR v0.2).

    Edit: (another segfault; they are very common - every few minutes of watching LiveTV (changing channels!); xine works fine).¨

    Edit2: two more logs (I hope this helps finding bugs somewhat)


    Originally posted by peter2

    apt-get --reinstall install alsa-dkms

    mit gestartetem 2.6.32-23-generic Kerne und erneutem reboot,l wurden die Module wieder geladen und Sound war da.

    Worked for me too!

    Yesterday I upgraded to v0.2 of YaVDR.

    There's no sound. XBMC says "failed to initialize audio device".
    Command line: "aplay -l" results in: "aplay: device_list:223: no soundcards found...".

    ... updated everything, added unstable plugins ppa, but the result is the same - no audio.

    Command: "lspci -v | less" outputs: "Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP79 High Definition Audio (rev b1)".

    PS: this is on ZOTAC ION MAG. Formatted and installed v0.2 from scratch (not upgrade of v0.1).

    Thanks for taking your time with this...

    Anyway, I tried adding svn ppa, but no updates are installed ("Reasons" in the first post). These are kept back (on apt-get upgrade):


    ..."dist-upgrade" installed yavdr-essential.

    and running "apt-get install xbmc-bin" produces the same error about libvdpau1.

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean (I'm not an expert at linux), but I tried to install new nvidia drivers, but had some problems with updating. Similar errors about libvdpau1 ... it seems that there is clash between the driver and vdpau.
    I already tried anything I could find on this topic, but no success yet. Do you have any ideas that I can try?


    Originally posted by Mac Gyver
    have du added the repositorys before running dist-upgrade? as far as i know added repos get disabled by dist upgrade.


    The repos are still there (etc/apt/sources.list.d folder) at the moment:

    deb karmic main
    deb karmic main
    deb karmic main
    deb karmic main
    deb karmic main
    deb karmic main

    Now I removed hepi's repo (no held back upgrades) but ... I don't wanna do that! :S :)