Satip and two servers (19.2 and 28.2)

  • Hi,

    how to setup satip plugin so it uses two Octopus Net. One has 19.2E , the other 28.2E.

    I tried to follow the readme:

    1. S19.2E 1 Astra 1KR/1L/1M/2C
    2. S21.6E Eutelsat 21B
    3. S23.5E Astra 3B
    4. S25.5E Eutelsat 25B
    5. S26E Badr 4/5/6
    6. S28.2E 2 Astra 1N/2A/2F
    7. S28.5E Eutelsat 28A

    But it does not tune or talk to the second satip-server.

    Both servers are listed in the plugin setup and also show up in syslog as connected.

    Any Idea? Thanks a lot, Dieter

    PS: In English since Rofafor is not from Germany. Just in case he reads here.

    Grüße, Dieter :-)

  • I don't know the answer; but I am surprised that you are using two satip servers. I would have thought to only use one satip server, which in turn uses diseqc to switch from one satellite to the other, depending the the channel being tuned. But I might miss something.

  • Hi Guys, thanks for the quick response!

    @ Rofafor: I have not seen that with the -s setting, but have expected it there. Perhaps I need new eye glasses.

    @ ludi: I have two Octopus Net. One for production and one for my new setup. After 28.2E works, I will retire one of them and use the Octopus net with Max8 and S2 Tuners.

    Grüße, Dieter :-)

  • Thanks Rofafor!

    BBC now works just fine (with 8db SNR and a thunderstorm arriving).

    Grüße, Dieter :-)