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    I changed this value from 1000 to 5000 and it seams to work just fine now without an external power supply for the LNB (mine is Dura-Line UK124).

    At start of VDR it takes a few seconds until the LNB booted.

    1. class cSatipDevice
    2. ....
    3. enum
    4. ....
    5. eTuningTimeoutMs = 5000 // in milliseconds

    rofafor : Do you think this is ok, or is there some hidden problem?

    Thanks 9000H,

    I have seen that and tried, did not work. Then I started to analyze the sources, made experiments with Octocast and VLC.

    Found out that with VLC it works adding fe=TUNERNUMBER.

    src= is for diseq, but the plugin uses that from the description (the ones you mentioned). (src=y is ignored by Octopus)

    Adding rid=3 to channels.conf creates the fe=x and it did even tune to BBC ONE.

    So I think my theory is not totally wrong.

    Looks like it is not supported in the way I expected.

    From my syslog:

    1. SATIP1: bool cSatipTuner::SetSource(cSatipServer*, int, const char*, int) (210847, fe=3&src=1&freq=10847&pol=v&ro=0.25&msys=dvbs2&mtype=8psk&sr=23000&fec=34, 0) [device 0]

    You can see the fe=3 there

    There is a second definition with same name. That should be long enough (20secs).

    1. class cSatipTuner
    2. ....
    3. eTuningTimeoutMs = 20000, // in milliseconds

    Seems that it a bit more complicated as I first tougth. :-)

    I think the constant with the 1 sec is used to tune.


    The existing Unicable LNBs need more time to startup than regular quad LNBs.

    (Inverto has two models. I use the Durline UK124).

    If these LNBs are not supplied from another source (== already booted), the plugin does not wait long enough for the LNB to boot up. So the stream is stopped and the power is removed.

    With VLC I see the same behavior.

    Is there a way to increase the timeout? or is this timeout controlled by the DD Octopus? (DD support said no).

    Edit: See posting #6 for a solution.


    after my two server test did work fine, I now want to retire one of the servers.

    Satellits are connected this way:

    19.2 via Unicable:

    Tuner 1 and 2

    28.2 from twin LNB

    Tuner 3 and 4.

    How do I tell this to VDR?

    With Octocast and VLC I can view the channels, but I am confused about paramters src and fe.

    With fe=x I can choose tuners, src=y seams to be ignored (comes from diseq setting in octocast).

    Analyzing the source of satip plugin it seems to do it differently. src=y is filled from the extra numeric value in sources.conf, and fe=x is filled from rid (last numeric value in lines of channels.conf.

    1. cString GetTransponderUrlParameters(const cChannel *channelP)
    2. .......
    3. q += snprintf(q, STBUFLEFT, "&fe=%d", channelP->Rid() % 100);
    4. ST(" S *") q += snprintf(q, STBUFLEFT, "&src=%d", ((src > 0) && (src <= 255)) ? src : 1);

    So, what is the correct behavior? The one I see with VLC, or the one I read out of the sources of satip?

    Perhaps I did not find the right place in the source?

    And it also leads to the question how we can use more than one tuner of the RID/src is not default? I expected to find some code with a base number + automatically created offset.

    Hi Guys, thanks for the quick response!

    @ Rofafor: I have not seen that with the -s setting, but have expected it there. Perhaps I need new eye glasses.

    @ ludi: I have two Octopus Net. One for production and one for my new setup. After 28.2E works, I will retire one of them and use the Octopus net with Max8 and S2 Tuners.


    how to setup satip plugin so it uses two Octopus Net. One has 19.2E , the other 28.2E.

    I tried to follow the readme:

    1. S19.2E 1 Astra 1KR/1L/1M/2C
    2. S21.6E Eutelsat 21B
    3. S23.5E Astra 3B
    4. S25.5E Eutelsat 25B
    5. S26E Badr 4/5/6
    6. S28.2E 2 Astra 1N/2A/2F
    7. S28.5E Eutelsat 28A

    But it does not tune or talk to the second satip-server.

    Both servers are listed in the plugin setup and also show up in syslog as connected.

    Any Idea? Thanks a lot, Dieter

    PS: In English since Rofafor is not from Germany. Just in case he reads here.


    vermutlich verursacht Graphicmagic segfaults in einigen Skins.

    Zuerst gesehen in nopacity, dann versucht flatplus zu installieren aber das startet nicht mal (war glaube ich auch ein segfault)

    SkinElchy und andere hatten auch segfaults. hatte dann ein paar mal segfaults in syslog von GM.

    (nicht mit nopacity, das stand selbst beim segfault)

    Dann standard Skins eingestellt und sieht bisher gut aus.

    Ich bin nicht mehr sicher, aber es ging vermutlich los als ich den scrapper und images aktiviert hatte. Deutet auch auf GM hin.

    Bin ich mit dem alleine?

    Ist VDR1 in meiner Signatur.

    Auf die Schnelle:

    Ausschnitt aus dem Script, dort steht alles um es zu Installieren.

    No warranties of any kind.