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    I have a problem with the reception of the Polsat Viasat Explorer HD channel.

    Hotbird 13E satellite.

    Other channels from this transponder work only Polsat. Viasat Explorer HD does not work.

    HTPC + DVBSKY 952 + LibreELEC 8.2.1 + o.... client card. Polsat Viasat Explorer HD operates on TVHeadend.

    It seems to me that this is the fault of VDR 2.2.0.

    List of channels converted from Enigma2. I also tried to manually search for a channel, but it also does not work.

    Log VDR


  • Sorry,

    but O.... problems cannot be discussed in this forum!

    Please give us the channels.conf line from this channel.

    You should add a complete log of your boot in another forum, where this can be discussed legally.



    Test-VDR1: HP rp5700 Fertigsystem, Core2Duo E6400, 2GB RAM, FF-SD C-2300, nvidia Slim-GT218 x1 | easyVDR 2.0 64Bit
    VDR3: in Rente

    VDR4: MSI G31M2 v2, Digitainer2-Geh., t6963c 6" gLCD, E5200, 2GB, 3TB WD Red, GT730, 2x TT S2-3200; easyVDR 3.5 64bit
    VDR5: Gigabyte
    GA-G31M-S2L, Intel E2140, Zotac GT730 passiv, Digitainer2-Geh., t6963c 6 " gLCD, 2 TB WD Red, 2x TT S2-3200 (an 1 Kabel) easyVDR 3.5 64bit
    Intel E5200, GT630 passiv, F1 750 GB, t6963c gLCD, 2x TT S2-3200 | easyVDR 3.5 64bit
    VDR-User #1068

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