yaVDR new wifi card - black screen

  • Hi,
    the german yaVDR Topic seems to have some problems. I can't access it for several hours already (always get logged out when clicking on the topic (sounds crazy!)).
    Thank god I can speak english! :mua

    I bought myself a new PCI wifi card and so replaced my older wifi dongle.
    Both of them got kernel support, so no buggy drivers.

    I have the problem, that the vdr won't boot (maybe softhddevice?).
    I just get a black screen when booting. The webinterface is running and I can access it through ethernet.

    The card got recognized correctly, and is already connected with the internet (via /etc/network/interfaces), but as long as it is plugged in, I only get a black screen.
    When plugging it out it is running fine, just without internet. :wow

    Any ideas?

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