Channels.conf Line Generator - (DVB-S/S2)

  • I've just made a DVB-S/S2 channels.conf line generator.

    It is very very basic, and can probably do with a lot of improving.

    Here it is -

    If you use the details for a channel from the KingOfSat channels pages when you're in Zapping Mode you should be able to generate a working channels.conf line

    From what I've seen with VDR, if the line is mostly correct VDR will update it and make it fully correct.

    If there are any issues or suggested improvements reply here!

  • Cool! I guess the RID is not a parameter that can be obtained by a channel scan or from kingosat. I would suggest to default the RID to 0 (zero). In most cases, users will never touch the RID

    You could also add explanatory links to the sections regarding the different parameters listed here:
    Sometimes the parameter names used in VDR can be misleading: In the case of NID there seems to be an "unsharpness" between ONID and NID that is explained here:

    I think a HTML form like you provide is also quite educational for people who never took a close look at the syntax of the channels.conf strings. Thank you!

    Further ideas around this topic:
    1) A Greasemonkey script for Firefox that adds custom Javascript code to sites like kingofsat and converts the data of a line in a table of kingofsat into a channel string.
    2) Programming this Greasemonkey script might be quite complex and it's maybe easier to program a scraper that will convert a kingosat page into a complete channel list.

    But both ideas are not very educational - and that is one of the strengths of your approach!


    EDIT: You could offer the satellite source as a dropdown box with all the official abbreviations of satellite positions in /var/lib/vdr/sources.conf.
    - The CAID is often not available in numerical form on pages like KingOfSat. But this is not such a big problem if the users know which parameters are mandatory for VDR to work with the channel and which parameters can be wrong and will be automatically overwritten by VDR: Example: If you don't know the CAID, just put in zero and VDR will fill in the correct CAID once it can tune the channel.
    - User input should be sanitized (":" and ";" should not be allowed in input fields + XSS should not be possible)

  • The RID does already default to 0 if you submit the form without any value, but I might just remove it or put a 0 in the form as a default.

    I do plan to expand it in terms of explanations of the values. Thanks for the links.

    I thought about the satellite list from source.conf and I think that would be a good idea.

    Edit: I'll look into sanitizing the input too.

  • I've made some improvements.

    It looks a lot nicer now.

    sources.conf satellites list
    Value explanations and links to wiki (english, should I add german wiki links?)
    RID and CAID defaults to 0

    To do:
    Example page using a KingOfSat example

    Any other ideas?