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    So, how was this sorted?

    I've tried to work it out via translations but Live still won't start. 12.04 on the vdr-testing PPA.

    1. dpkg -l | grep cxxtools
    2. ii libcxxtools-dev 2.0-4ubuntu2 library of unrelated but useful C++ classes
    3. ii libcxxtools7 2.0-4ubuntu2 library of unrelated but useful C++ classes


    1. dpkg -l | grep tnt
    2. ii libtntnet9 2.0+dfsg1-2 Tntnet libraries
    3. ii tntnet 2.0+dfsg1-2 modular, multithreaded web application server for C++
    4. ii tntnet-runtime 2.0+dfsg1-2 Tntnet runtime system

    What else needs to be installed?

    I'm still getting this error....

    1. WARNING: The following plugins have been left out due to really binary incompatibility: live.

    Just tried watching a channel on 13E via VDR1 on Streamdev with VLC. That works great.

    If I try and watch the same channel or another channel on the same Transponder at the same time via XVDR/XBMC nothing shows.

    How do I check if VDR1 prefers "streamdev-client or the local DVB card for live TV" ?
    And how do I raise the "Broadcast Systems / Cost"?

    I've just built a second VDR system and I have a few questions about Streamdev Streaming between servers along with XVDR/VNSI.

    My setup looks like this.

    VDR1 - Dual Tuner - 28.2E

    VDR2 - Dual Tuner - Disqec - 13E, 19.2E, 28.2E

    Both have the same Channels.conf file and I have successfully connected the servers together using Streamdev-server/client. So I can watch for example channels on 13E through VDR1 using Streamdev. This seems to work great.

    My issue is that I want to be able to access channels on 13E and 19.2E via VDR1 using XVDR or VNSI in XBMC. This doesn't work.

    Does this mean I am better making VDR2 my primary server that XBMC connects to with VDR1 being the spare extra capacity for 28.2E?

    I've made some improvements.

    It looks a lot nicer now.

    sources.conf satellites list
    Value explanations and links to wiki (english, should I add german wiki links?)
    RID and CAID defaults to 0

    To do:
    Example page using a KingOfSat example

    Any other ideas?

    The RID does already default to 0 if you submit the form without any value, but I might just remove it or put a 0 in the form as a default.

    I do plan to expand it in terms of explanations of the values. Thanks for the links.

    I thought about the satellite list from source.conf and I think that would be a good idea.

    Edit: I'll look into sanitizing the input too.

    I've just made a DVB-S/S2 channels.conf line generator.

    It is very very basic, and can probably do with a lot of improving.

    Here it is -

    If you use the details for a channel from the KingOfSat channels pages when you're in Zapping Mode you should be able to generate a working channels.conf line

    From what I've seen with VDR, if the line is mostly correct VDR will update it and make it fully correct.

    If there are any issues or suggested improvements reply here!

    Someone should make a page/script with a channels.conf line generator for when you input data from places like KingOfSat.

    Tempted to do it myself since I've already done something similar in Excel.

    Or if you make a successful line let VDR do the job like AliceD has suggested.


    I'm posting to try and get as many people as possible to do a full scan (w_scan/scan-s2/scan etc) of all satellites they are able to tune into so they can be submitted to the yaVDR channel database.

    Using a command like this should do the job nicely

    1. sudo w_scan -o 7 -fs -s S13E0 >> S13.0E-2011-09-11.conf

    It would be great if we could get as many as possible to scan for channels so they can be submited to the yaVDR Channelpedia website

    Satellites that are currently listed are


    As many others as possible would be great, especially


    And any satellites that aren't listed are welcome. It'd be great to get all commonly used satellites listed

    Either send them here - or use and link them here or on the yavdr bug site.

    I hope as many people as possible can help.

    Thanks for the quick replies.

    Yeah, I had seen that 9.0E was present so shouldn't have asked for that one!

    I realise someone has to provide them, it'd be good if people on here could do that, do a full scan of whatever satellites they can pick up and submit them to channelpedia/Hepi.

    I created something very simple in Excel to input the parameters and convert them parameters into a channels.conf line, but I wasn't sure if what I was generating was always correct since I don't fully understand the syntax of the channels.conf file.

    It worked for known channels that I generated from KingofSats data and VDR was able to correct certain bits, but I've not been able to tune to any of the other satellites. channels.conf lines are fine but my dish just isn't big enough or aligned perfectly to pick up these satellites!

    Hi Hepi,

    Is there a way we (or I) can request channels.conf listings for other satellites?

    I am currently trying to tune into a number of satellites and having the channels.conf file already would make things much easier when locating the satellites. Even if they are partial or fairly old I could compare with kingofsats to make sure VID, NID, AID, SID etc are correct.

    I had used in the past but that site seems to be down now and they had lots of satellites listed. Does anyone know who ran it?

    Once I'm tuned in I'd be more than happy to do a full scan, but no doubt someone else on here already has done a full scan of the following satellites....


    My current setup which I've finally got working great is..

    2 DVB-S2 PCI cards
    2 Diseqc switches
    2 Dishes - 28.2E and 13.0E (currently) with dual/quad LNBs.

    I'd like to put a Diseqc rotor on the 13.0E dish so I can pickup multiple satellites.

    Is it possible to run a Diseqc rotor with a dual LNB and have it always rotate no matter which card tries to tune to it?

    How would it be configured in VDR and how would it be wired up?

    Whilst this doesn't answer your question, you might be best buying some more cable and 2 Diseqc swtiches and dual/quad LNBs if you don't already have them.

    My current setup is pretty much the same as yours, I have two DVB-S2 cards, two diseqc switches and two dishes.

    This means you'll get dual tuning on both dishes, being able to watch/record two channels on any combo of 28.2 and 13.0.

    Diseqc 2.0 switches are cheap, as are quad LNBs these days, especially off eBay.