[YaVDR 4.0] Subtitles

  • I've installed yavdr 0.4 and everything is working, but I can't seem to get any subtitles, I've already tried all three frontends: Xine, Xineliboutput and XBMC. Xine and Xineliboutput both show that no subtitles are available and XBMC does show the available subtitle languages but doesn't show them, when they're enabled.
    I'm talking about dvb subtitles here in combination with Freesat, I hope anyone can help me out, because it's getting quite annoying!

  • Hi,

    I experience the same problem ( I live in northern Germany and I also watch british Freesat channels).
    With yavdr 0.2/0.3 this was no problem at all. Strange is, that
    subtitles do work with the German ARD/ZDF channels.

    When I replay BBC recordings made with yavdr 0.3 I also get the message "No subtitles available)",
    but if I switch back to yavdr 0.3 I get subtitles in that recording.

    Does anybody have a solution for this problem?

    Kind regards

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