ANNOUNCE: bitstreamout 0.50 (audio loop through sound card)

  • OK ... now I've the feedback I missed. Therefore I've
    uploaded a new bitstreamout version 0.50 at

    with the following changes:

    - Fix bug in MP2Decoder::pushData(): use stream not m_stream
    for sync start check.
    - Enhance MP2Decoder::pushData(): return the used data length
    to be able to increase the data pointer address. This helps
    to avoid to skip buffer of the overrun at start time.
    - Fix bug in mp2.c: Be sure that buffer is only refilled if
    really emptied.
    - Fix bug in channel.c: do not clear boundary flag at the end
    because data frames in payload may overlap (MP2 audio)
    - Enhance STC/PTS check by using a timer of 2 seconds
    - spdif.c: Audio/Video delay can differ upto two GOPs which is
    upto one second for PAL.
    - Fix the changes for ALSA lib 1.0
    - Try to make it work with VDR 1.3.0

    In short:

    * For the user of bitstreamout without connected S/P-DIF out from
    DVB to sound card: MP2 audio can be heared without shutter.
    * AlSA (lib) 1.0 works out of the box.
    * A/V synchronization seems to be more reliable.