Receive an RTP IPv6 Video Stream

  • Hi to all Mplayer users!

    I want to show a network stream through the mplayer. It is a Ipv6 RTP h.264 stream, which is sent to the IP FE80::3 Port 4096, which is also the IP of my PC.

    I use the newest Debian Raspbian Linux with a Raspberry Pi 3B.

    I use the following command:

    „mplayer rtp://fe80::3[:4096] -prefer-ipv6“

    But I get an Error which says „You must enter a port number for RTP streams!

    No stream found to handle url rtp://fe80::3“.

    I can not find properly information about how to specify IP and port number. So maybe someone of you can help me out.




  • I would try to enclose the ipv6-address in square brackets, not the port number ( :

    mplayer rtp://[fe80::3]:4096 -prefer-ipv6

    yaVDR-Dokumentation (Ceterum censeo enchiridia esse lectitanda.)

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