UBUNTU 10.04 + Enigma 2 + XBMC NFVDR E2 V1.1

  • Hello everyone ,i would like to share with you this system , taken from a chinese forum

    the page was i chinese so i translated for you in english.
    the system was well made and worked fine .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    NFVDR E2 VER1.1 system release download! 2011-10-31 Welcome to the beta!

    UBUNTU 10.04 NFVDR E2 is based on the development of a complete system. The system includes a media player and E2 XBMC system. What is E2 it? Full name is from the DM800 Enigma2 This software is ported system. Now installed on your PC quite a force. Use and operation of the same with the DM800. So XBMC + E2 that is a perfect HD Receiver + HD player up. Completely beyond the DM8000. Of course, there are not enough systems also need to purchase a DVBS2 receiver card. There is an NVIDIA HD graphics. This is a complete set of NFVDRE2 system. XBMC media player also increased the domestic common IPTV functionality. There are plenty of movies to watch with the program source. Welcome tests.

    NFVDR E2 system is running. Background are not the same each time. Has reserved 8 beautiful background images, each entry will be automatically changed.
    NFVDR E2 system can use LIVECD can use U disk boot directly into the desktop use or install the system.
    NFVDR E2 compatible with DVB-S2 card lord PROF7301 PROF7500 PROF8000 Tevii S470 TBS whole series DVBWORLD TW1020 TW1025 TW1030.
    NFVDR E2 compatible DVB-C card has TWINHAN 2033 CAB.
    There is also a use requirements. Be sure to use the NVIDIA HD graphics. Such as NVIDIA 8400GT or more.

    ATI's do not ask me why not. Is not supported.
    E2 can only be invoked because the current technology NVIDIA's VPDAU hardware decoding.
    So be sure to N card. A card no solution. Sorry. Not my problem. Kazakhstan.

    Simply, you just need to be able to boot a computer, you also need a DVBS2 card. HD Graphics NVIDIA also need sheets can be installed NFVDR E2 it.

    Currently I have this configuration I5 4G RAM 32G solid start time of just 10 seconds. Image came out. Considerable force. Enough to defeat all of the high-end market, high-definition machine.
    Then you have to try it. Build your heart DM8000. See how your speed, you will succeed!

    The system is running multi-map preview please click here:


    NF VDR FAQ E2 solution to the problem:

    System user root password nfvdr
    Another user nfvdr password nfvdr

    DVB card driver installation:

    TeVii S470 driver installation
    sudo installdvb s470

    PRO F7301 driver installation
    sudo installdvb 7301

    PROF7500 driver installation
    sudo installdvb 7500

    PROF8000 driver installation
    sudo installdvb 8000

    TBS full range driver installation
    sudo installdvb tbs

    TWINHAN 2033 CAB cable receiver card driver installation
    sudo installdvb tw2033

    After installation, remember to enter sudo reboot restart the system to use.
    Note: LIVECD Lane can not install the driver. Because you can not save. Please system is installed to the hard disk and then install the driver.

    Check the driver is successfully installed

    ls / dev / dvb-R

    See ca0 explain success.

    [Blocked Image: http://s16.postimg.org/av3vglzwl/image.jpg]

    NFVDR E2 open system input method

    Keyboard CTRL + Spacebar to open the input method. Optional multiple input methods such as Wubi spelling.

    After the driver installed, you can modify the display E2 DVB card identifies the problem.

    Please edit this file: / usr / local / etc / tuxbox / nim_sockets

    NIM Socket 0:
    Type: DVB-S2
    Name: TeVii S470 DVBS2
    Frontend_Device: 0
    Has_Outputs: no
    NIM Socket 1:
    Type: DVB-SS
    Name: PROF 8000 DVBS2
    Frontend_Device: 1
    Has_Outputs: no
    NIM Socket 2:
    Type: DVB-SS
    Name: PROF 7500 DVBS2
    Frontend_Device: 2
    Has_Outputs: no
    NIM Socket 3:
    Type: DVB-SS
    Name: PROF 7301 DVBS2
    Frontend_Device: 3
    Has_Outputs: no

    See what top? The first card is 0. Second is 1 if there is only one you. Then put that card to 0 will display correctly. This step is not to be done. FYI: keyboard operation and control: F1, F2, F3, F4 - red, green, yellow and blue. F11 - Mobile screen. up, down, left, right - the space is the menu. Enter - confirm. Esc - quit. R - Video. V - Video View + / - (plus or minus a small keyboard) - Volume [font='Monaco, Consolas, "Lucida Console", "Courier New", serif']
    [/font]M -. mute
    0 ... 9 numeric keys.

    HDMI audio problem:

    change the file
    / Etc / asound.conf
    pcm.! hdmi {
    type hw
    card 0
    device 3
    ctl.! hdmi {
    type hw
    card 0
    device 3
    Then change:

    / usr/local/share/enigma2 add the following:

    # A pick auditory driver
    # {Auto null pulseaudio alsa oss esd none file}, default: 0
    audio.driver: alsa
    # Device used for stereo output
    # String, default: plug: front: default
    audio.device.alsa_front_device: hdmi
    # Alsa mixer device
    # String, default: PCM
    audio.device.alsa_mixer_name: hdmi
    # Device used for 5.1-channel output
    # String, default: iec958: AES0 = 0x6, AES1 = 0x82, AES2 = 0x0, AES3 = 0x2
    audio.device.alsa_passthrough_device: hdmi
    # Device used for pulseaudio
    # Audio.pulseaudio_device: hdmi

    More housing with plug-in installed (master limited equipment, novice not fitted risk):
    git clone git :/ / schwerkraft.elitedvb.net/enigma2-skins/enigma2-skins.git
    git clone https://schwerkraft.elitedvb.n…2-skins/enigma2-skins.git
    git clone git :/ / schwerkraft.elitedvb.net/enigma2-plugins/enigma2-plugins.git
    git clone https://schwerkraft.elitedvb.n…ugins/enigma2-plugins.git

    Speaking of character positions E2:

    . / Usr / local / share / fonts / nmsbd.ttf

    Satellite list:

    . / Usr / local / etc / tuxbox / satellites.xml

    Please log in using WINSCP modify account changes. Baidu can be downloaded. System user name root password nfvdr

    Program schedule to modify the address:
    the entire directory with WINSCP copy down. You can use DREAMBOXEDIT3.0 edit listings. Returns can be edited later.
    Note that E2 can customize the program to change tables. It is easy to update the satellite change out.

    / Usr/local/etc/enigma2

    E2 background modify the address:

    / Nfvdr / logo / bootlogos

    Use Dream_Logo_Generator.rar be modified. Need a 1280X720 the HD map. Then high costs. Re diagram, coding is a well after MVI files. Copied into the directory above it.

    Download Links:




    Dell optiplex 760
    RAM 2Gb
    Intel E8400 Dual core
    TBS6982 DVB-S2 Dual Tuner PCIe Card
    PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick (340e)
    ASUS GeForce® 210 EN210 SILENT/DI/1GD3/V2(LP)

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