Black screen with mouse pointer at center

  • Hi!

    First of all, thanks for the great product! I have been a VDR user for five years, with many vdr systems. Yavdr was very easy to setup compared to my previous boxes!

    I have the 0.5.0 stable from the web page. I had to compile my own driver for my tbs6922 dvb-s2 card, but even that went quite well. :modon Deleted text part, please note terms of use :modoff

    Then I rebooted the perfectly working system.. It doesn't work anymore. :( It boots normally with Yavdr logo on screen, but then displays just a black screen with mouse pointer at the center.

    however, VDR is alive and working. The www interface works fine, and I can even watch live video with streamdev!

    I have nvidia geforce 210, the gpu-accelerated softhddevice worked fine before the reboot. I can change it to other setting like xinelib, and it makes no difference.

    syslog shows no errors, exactly the same messages when it was working.

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  • :modon Deleted text part, please note terms of use :modoff

    I noticed another symptom! If I change settings from the www settings and click "save", it will wait a while and report an error. Syslog shows that vdr does not restart. So some thread of vdr is probably stuck? It still serves VDR Live and streamdev quickly.

  • Symptoms of miss detected soundcard.

    Deaktivate the onboard soundcard in the bios (i guess your using only the hdmi out at the geforce ?)

    see here:

    1. /etc/init/sound-device.conf

    for card0 beiing checked

    more info (german)
    [solved] [yavdr0.5-beta] SoftHDDevice kommt nicht hoch


  • Hey, thanks for the hint!

    I actually have three Alsa cards. The on-board audio, geforce output, and separate pci card. I'm using the pci card for digital output. Geforce is connected to video projector which has no audio..

    It was one of last steps in my installation to add this pci card. I got it working fine, but it's possible I didn't reboot afterwards, until this last boot which broke everything. :)

    I used -a option with softhddevice, to set alsa device.

    I'm not at home so can't test it now, but this sounds like "solved" already..