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    I was an Nvidia user for 10+ years. About a year ago I switched to Intel NUC and I will NEVER go back. The level of official support blows Nvidia out of the water.

    The vpp_support branch of probably the most current version be (HEVC + VPP support VDPAU also works). Except for the Merge for hardware acceleration of the OSD with VDPAU that is in softhddevice-open glosd, everything should be in there, what is there accrued in the meantime.

    I agree with this. I forked vpp_support and added Louis's VDPAU openglosd support to it. I started adding in gles2 (from rella) as well but I have no device to test so I stopped.

    Das einzige, was mir im VDR noch fehlt, ist eine Art Playliste (gab es ja schonmal als Plugin), mit der man eine Serie am Stück, oder die (geschnittenen) Musikvideo eines Verzeichnisses in Zufallsreihenfolge (endlos) wiedergeben könnte (aka MTV Ersatz).

    I use the mplayer plugin to playback media with mpv. I replaced "" with my own script that does exactly what you said (and more for that matter) - supports playlists & shuffle playlists of any pictures/music/music videos/etc, play entire series or seasons of tv shows, shuffle play entire series or seasons of tv shows. It was quite easy to do.

    I prefer VDR with vdr-mplayer/vdr-iptv over something like Kodi because of its' simplicity, stability, and being lightweight. Hopefully VDR will get a Netflix and Amazon Prime plugin. VDR might not have as `pretty` of a media librarian (plugin) that Kodi has, but it also doesn't have to muck about with SQL databases either. People have a tendency to cram absolutely everything into SQL databases making them bloated, slow, and a pain in the ass to rebuild if they get corrupted. From what I've heard Kodi suffers from this by dumping things into its' database that don't really belong there and would be much more efficient/fast by getting rid of that bad habit. To me it's a red flag when all my `Kodi friends` recommend storing its database on an SSD and having a current backup of it just in case. With VDR that's a non-issue.

    Me too makes the development around the VDR very sad.

    I'm going for over 12 years.

    But unfortunately, I have to admit, the VDR many lack what is needed today.

    Google translator completely butchered this thread but I (think) I agree. The good news is Klaus is actively developing VDR again and addressing the need to modernize it. I know people who left for Kodi but are excited to come back to VDR once it's makeover is ready. Don't give up hope! :)

    I haven't done a git-bisect yet to find which commit fixes the problem but I've switched all my VDR boxes over to the pesintta fork now and so far everything is fine. I didn't realize how many different forks there were (vpp, openglosd, gles, hevc, etc). It would be great if instead of all these forks, we had one main branch with all support in one and you select what you need in the Makefile/config settings. But, unfortunately that seems unlikely.

    On my VDR1, I use Johns' original softhddevice with vdpau output (amd/ati). Here, I see the choppy display that you describe. However, on my VDR2 where I use the pesitta fork and va-api (intel), display seems to be OK. I am not sure if the difference is because of vdpau vs vaapi or because of the different softhddevice forks. It might be worth giving the pesintta fork a try.

    Thank you for testing! I tried the pesintta fork you linked and playback is ok so there is definitely something different between the two. I'm going to do more investigating and hopefully will come up with more info.

    Google translator is crap so I apologize if this isn't what you're looking for.. If you're just trying to verify that a file has both a video stream and audio stream, you can do that with:

    for i in audio video; do
        [[ $(ffprobe -v quiet -of flat -show_streams "$fname" |grep -oE "codec_type=\"$i\"") ]] || { echo "ERROR: $i stream missing in $fname!"; exit 1; }

    To check if the file plays ok, you can just play X seconds at Y location and check the player log to see if it exited without error. I use mpv-player so in my case I could do:

    /usr/local/bin/mpv --no-cache --fullscreen --no-config --input-file=/dev/stdin --input-terminal=no -v --vo=vdpau --hwdec=vdpau --ao=alsa --audio-device=default --start=-10 "$fname" &>/logs/mpv.log
    [[ $(grep 'finished playback, success' /logs/mpv.log) ]] || { echo "ERROR: $fname failed playback"; exit 1; }

    That will play the last 10 seconds of the video and check the log for successful playback.


    You should always share your opinion. Finding out what's wrong with something is the only way to improve it. Sometimes sharing your opinions is met with hostility, such as fnu's response to us, but sometimes the admins/mods actually want to work with the users, as mini73 demonstrated, to make the place better for everyone. Let's hope that Genka agrees with mini73.

    The log is not so important, is the video smooth?

    I have a very simple renderer it outputs a frame every 1/50s or 1/60s which depends on your display rate. When the video is too slow, i show the last frame twice, if the video is to fast i skip frames. When i look into the log, it looks good, it just renders the video without any duplications or drops.


    Setting 60Hz didn't make any difference, the video playback still has the same problem. Have you downloaded the sample and checked it locally? I don't mind using mpv-player to watch recordings but unfortunately that doesn't help live tv being unwatchable. :(

    But you?

    Are you suggesting you speak for everyone here but me, and that everyone else here loves this new forum as much as you do? That's absurd.

    Well, obviously it's a minority that does complain, the big majority doesn't ... things are changing, espacially software design.

    It's like going to a big party event, with a lot of people having fun, but just a few are complaining about the host and the location ...

    What "big majority" are you talking about? The thousands & thousands of inactive users? Are you assuming people who haven't commented either way automatically love it? Are you counting people who haven't posted in years (or ever!)? This forum has over 22,000+ registered users. Only a tiny sliver of that number is actually active. The only thing obvious is that the userlist is way past-due for a purge/clean-up.

    This thread has only four people in favor (you, mkruseonline, Frodo, lostinpc), and more than three times as many who agree with me (myself, Piet, 3PO, Funzt, AndreasR81, MegaVOlt, CVH, Villeneuve, Der_Put, trunk-animal, TheEnvoy, helau, Whirl). But obviously it doesn't matter how many people don't like this layout because you've now made it clear you don't care what anyone thinks that doesn't agree with you, and aren't willing to do anything so both sides are happy.

    I thought this forum had more integrity and respect for its' users... Apparently I was wrong.

    Well, I'm also using Desktop and I don't feel being out in the cold ...

    That's great for you but it doesn't represent everyone. There are other people who are posting and agree with me on this too. It sounds like you think since there's no problem for you, nobody else should have a problem. I really hope that's not the case. If so it only proves my point further.

    If adding a different theme/style helps make everyone happy, why wouldn't you want to do that?

    you can also edit the style pretty easily, I did the same because we were also annoyed due the gigantic space wasting (it looks cool but so much scrolling)

    rolling back to 4.x sizes is pretty "easily" (+ time) doable

    I can't find the page in your screenshot. Is this only something the forum admin can do?

    Well, in my personal opinion, Tapatalk became worse and worse over the versions, now it just sucks ... with the WBB is fast with all of my browsers.

    I can't speak on Tapatalk because I don't use mobile devices for forums, but I can say this forum is very slow compared to the previous one when using my desktop workstation. Even if this forum is optimized for mobile now, it shouldn't be slow on desktops so I don't know what's up with that. No other forums I use have a problem and even the "old" vdr-portal didn't. It's only this new one.

    I forced my refresh rate to 60Hz:

    ~$ sudo xrandr --display :0

    Screen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 1920 x 1080, maximum 16384 x 16384

    DVI-I-0 disconnected primary (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)

    VGA-0 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)

    DVI-I-1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)

    HDMI-0 connected 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 698mm x 392mm

    1920x1080 60.00*+ 59.94 23.97 60.05 60.00

    1280x720 60.00 59.94

    720x480 59.94

    640x480 59.94 59.93

    I created a new log and attached it.

    Just for reference, my softhddevice/Makefile has:

    #-DOSD_DEBUG # enable debug output+functions

    #CONFIG += -DSTILL_DEBUG=2 # still picture debug verbose level

    #CONFIG += -DAV_INFO -DAV_INFO_TIME=3000 # info/debug a/v sync

    CONFIG += -DUSE_PIP # PIP support

    CONFIG += -DHAVE_PTHREAD_NAME # supports new pthread_setname_np

    #CONFIG += -DNO_TS_AUDIO # disable ts audio parser

    #CONFIG += -DUSE_TS_VIDEO # build new ts video parser

    CONFIG += -DUSE_MPEG_COMPLETE # support only complete mpeg packets

    CONFIG += -DH264_EOS_TRICKSPEED # insert seq end packets for trickspeed

    #CONDIF + = -DDUMP_TRICKSPEED # dump packets trickspeed

    #CONFIG += -DUSE_BITMAP # VDPAU, use bitmap surface for OSD

    CONFIG + = -DUSE_VDR_SPU SPU # use VDR decoder.

    #CONFIG += -DUSE_SOFTLIMIT # (tobe removed) limit the buffer fill

    And last, if I understand correctly, this can't be fixed without adding some feature to the softhddevice renderer? Is it possible to just look at what mpv does in this case and copy it since it plays fine in mpv? Or are renderers vastly different? It seems like playing mpeg2 video would be standard..? This makes watching live tv impossible on many channels here.


    This was necessary from patch point of view. Needed security fixes and features haven't been available for the old forum software version.

    Now we have the requested https approach and latest security features for the beloved

    That's understandable, although I wonder if this was really an issue to begin with. Or if a better solution would've been proper configuration of the hosting pc. Was the forum under attack of some sort?


    Well that discussion sounds pretty much familiar, we had exactly that 2009 with the switch to the former forum software version. We are a couple of thousands users, some will love the new version, some not, that's quite normal.

    We will find our way into that new, as we have done it 2009. Going back to an old version with missing security patches/features doesn't sound like a good idea.

    Screen space is adopted from browsers capabilities, give a try with a browser on a mobile device ...

    No chance I will use a message forum on a mobile device. It's way too inconvenient. Here I only use a desktop + 24" monitor for such things, where there's plenty of screen, easy navigation, and fast typing on a real keyboard.

    IMO this forum layout is so terrible it will make me stop coming here and just use the VDR mailing list only. There might be thousands of (mostly inactive) registered users but I bet most of the regular users are going to hate this. Hopefully there will be more themes/layouts offered than this so people won't leave or go inactive.

    BTW, I managed to find a language setting. I changed it to English and all the forum texts are still in German.