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    BIG thanks Bistr-o-math it works with setting that you gave !!
    I didn't notice different bios, but it doens't matter it works now :D
    I am just curious but why I didn't see MS-6340 in nvram-wakeup-mb.c file ?

    it "almost" works, minutes and seconds go right but everything else resets to default settings (I mean whole bios)
    I use nvram-wakeup 0.97

    and nvram-wakeup.conf :

    sorry writing english but I don't speak german, have allready added it to CVS ?
    or could I get nvram-wakeup-mb.c file ?
    I have MSI MS-6340 motherboard and I ran guess-helper and nvram just mess my bios setting so it loads defaults...

    I did try that recording.c from here, it didn't compile, but I did check same file in my VDR machine. And now it works !!

    I did these changes, commented lines which follows text THIS from line 708 to line 755, there is one return false, but it wasn't commented in file that found here.

    is it a bug or what might be wrong, when shutting down vdr machine it loses older all recordings from list.
    I checked and recordings exist in /video -directory.

    My installation is:
    - vdr 1.3.11 with vdr-1.3.11-enAIO-1.3.diff.gz and - - - -
    - vdr-1.3.11-subtitles-0.3.3-and-ttxtsubs-0.0.5.diff.gz patches.
    - dxr3 plugin 0.23pre1 with uncommented usleep
    - text2skin 0.7
    - DVB subtitles 0.3.3

    nova-t card and hollywood+


    Original von Austrian Coder
    You have to uncomment the 2 usleeps in file "dxr3outputthread".
    Remove"// " before the "usleep" entries.

    To this and you will be happy :)

    Thanks guys !
    it works :]
    I haven't even try yet with em8300 cvs version, and I don't know should I repair working version...
    now there is em8300 driver version 0.14+dvb 1.1.1+ vdr 1.3.11 +vdr-dxr3plugin 0.23pre1

    I installed 1.3.11 because 1.2.6 has very slooow channel change,with dxr3 plugin 0.23pre1 (0.22 didn't turn at all) and dvb driver 1.1.1 but it it horrible, vdr take 99% CPU (with 1.2.6 3-5%) and picture was like 1fps. radio channel runs almost fine CPU 30%. Channels do change fast.

    Reason maybe em800 driver 0.14 ?
    cvs drivers doesn't install and I get same error like here:

    but I don't speak german at all and with babelfish i translated it in english and remove old em8300.h and copied new from cvs version -> same error...

    Yesterday I tested many times to upgrade 1.2.6 with elchi 4d and OSD did disappear. and I got it work when installed vdr 1.26 again.

    I also tried 1.3.11 with dxr3 plugin 0.23pre(0.22 didn't turn at all) and dvb driver 1.1.1 but it was horrible, vdr take 99% CPU and picture was like 1fps.
    Reason maybe em800 driver ?

    thanks UFO !
    I did make vdr with no_kpd=1 and remote=lirc
    and I did install newest lirc 0.7 pre4, so now it works!

    little disapoitment with channel change, when I get used to fast channel zap with my satellite box dreambox (also linux).

    but is reason for slow zap, is it hollywood+ ?


    Original von UFO

    That's fine. So it should basically work.
    Which version of the remote plugin are you using?



    Original von UFO
    Please remove all remote-event0 entries (if any) from remote.conf and restart vdr.
    If vdr does not run as root, check the permission settings of /dev/input/event0.


    i did remove, i did try also move whole file other place and start vdr but allways when it starts first start "Learning Remote Control Keys (KBP)" and not (event0) which I get couple times...

    edit: also tried ./vdr -Pdxr3 -P"remote -i autodetect"

    but it will work ? how?

    if I run ./evtest /dev/input/event0 it receives remotecontrols key presses...

    my lsmod when dvb drivers loaded:

    Module Size Used by Not tainted
    ttusb_dec 18823 0 (unused)
    dvb-ttusb-budget 23924 0 (unused)
    dvb-ttpci-budget-ci 7468 0 (unused)
    ttpci-eeprom 2728 0 [dvb-ttpci-budget-ci]
    saa7146_vv 42524 0
    saa7146 14112 0 [dvb-ttpci-budget-ci saa7146_vv]
    mt312 7244 0
    cx24110 8228 0
    grundig_29504-491 5284 0
    grundig_29504-401 6060 0
    tda1004x 15376 1
    ves1820 6560 0
    stv0299 9900 0 (unused)
    alps_tdmb7 5384 0
    alps_tdlb7 7640 0
    ves1x93 6640 0
    dvb-core 51488 0 [ttusb_dec dvb-ttusb-budget dvb-ttpci-budget-ci mt312 cx24110 grundig_29504-491 grundig_29504-401 tda1004x ves1820 stv0299 alps_tdmb7 alps_tdlb7 ves1x93]
    video-buf 16128 0 [saa7146_vv]
    v4l2-common 4864 0 [saa7146_vv]
    v4l1-compat 14344 0 [saa7146_vv]
    videodev 8288 0 [saa7146_vv]
    em8300 44164 0 (autoclean)
    adv717x 4064 0 (unused)
    i2c-algo-bit 8776 2 (autoclean) [em8300]
    i2c-core 19172 0 (autoclean) [adv717x i2c-algo-bit]
    soundcore 6500 1 (autoclean) [em8300]
    evdev 5792 0
    autofs 13236 0 (autoclean) (unused)
    e100 55300 1
    sg 35852 0 (autoclean) (unused)
    scsi_mod 107080 1 (autoclean) [sg]
    mousedev 5428 0 (unused)
    hid 24356 0 (unused)
    input 5824 0 [dvb-ttpci-budget-ci evdev mousedev hid]
    usb-uhci 25964 0 (unused)
    usbcore 78368 1 [ttusb_dec dvb-ttusb-budget hid usb-uhci]
    ext3 70532 2
    jbd 51732 2 [ext3]

    I have installed vdr 1.2.6 with dvb driver 1.1.0 and dxr3.
    I can't get hauppauges remotecontrol to work because there is no /proc/av7110_ir

    when starting vdr with:
    ./vdr -Pdxr3 -P"remote i /dev/input/event0"
    it just logs /var/log/messages:

    Jul 3 17:17:45 vdr vdr[3613]: starting plugin: remote
    Jul 3 17:17:45 vdr vdr[3613]: remote-event0: unable to open '/proc/av7110_ir': No such file or directory
    Jul 3 17:17:45 vdr vdr[3613]: ERROR: /proc/av7110_ir: No such file or directory

    av7110_ir was in proc with dvb 1.0.1 driver, but doesn't regognize hauppauges remote control...

    any ideas how I get it work ?