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    Its the TBS media build (which internally rebuilds the entire linux media stack, including the dvbsky drivers and the media processing)

    Note: This has nothing to do with drivers graphics card. On the system, there is no UI running. Tvheadend runs on the system. My clients (Kodi, VLC, whatever) run on completely different hardware.

    I have two DVB-S2 receivers connected: TBS 5922 (QBOX2) and DvbSky S960.

    Both receivers are affected by this problem.

    As soon as I revert to the original kernel build, the problem disappears (Dvbsky only, TBS remains unusable as the TBS drivers are not mainlined).

    The problem did also not exist with my previous TBS build (still using Kernel 5.8 and TBS media build from ~August 2020).

    It is not about compile issues or any problems related to the installation.
    The issue is that the installed build causes problems (many distrubances, stutter, green color effects).

    Armbian is not the source of the problem, as Armbian for Odroid is essentially a vanilla kernel, as mainling of all required kernel parts is complete for this device.

    You could be absoutely right that this is issue is ARM-specific. I believe the same.

    If you check my issue which I linked above, you will see that crazycat himself responded to my report. He confirmed that >= 5.10 is currently not addressed. Not in his personal, nor in his private repo.

    Nevermind, I had a look at the driver. It is solely a PCI driver, not suitable for my USB device.

    My idea appears to be a dead end. I believe this thread can be closed.

    The TBS official drivers stopped working for me in the moment when I switched to kernel 5.10.

    I reported the issue, but it never got fixed:

    I have no idea how other users of kernel >= 5.10 can make use of these drivers.

    Any thoughts about the idea of adding my card as an additional supported device to the drivers from Soeren Moch?

    In principle this driver is so much superior. Instead of forking the entire linux media repo with millions of line of code diff to mainline, it simply adds and compiles the mandatory two modules. It's a shame the mainlining efforts got rejected.

    Checking the driver source code, I fear that TBS 5922 is not (yet) supported by the driver and thats the root cause for the issue.

    Has anybody here experiences with adding support for an additional card based on saa716x to the driver?

    Dear All,

    On my Odroid C2 (armbian installation), I succesfully compiled and installed Soeren Mochs saa716x driver.

    Still, my USB DVB card TBS 5922 (QBox S2) is not detected / loaded.

    Could someone help me to find the root cause for this?