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    Hello again HelmutB . Not sure how I fixed it but I went into the GUI setup, enabled CA tweaks under miscellaneous. First time I enabled it and exited it did not stick, but second time I enabled and then chose restart from the GUI and then it worked. Now Camtweaks works again. The others error remains but the WAF is back on-track :)

    Hello HelmutB I have just now upgraded to vdr-2.4.1 and this new patch. In my log I get the following error:

    Should I worry about this? Just remove this from setup.conf?

    It also seems I cannot get multichannel decrypt:

    1. Aug 5 14:30:50 timeshift vdr: [23752] VNSI: Welcome client 'XBMC Media Center' with protocol version '13'
    2. Aug 5 14:30:51 timeshift vdr: [23744] CAM 1: module ready
    3. Aug 5 14:30:51 timeshift vdr: [23746] CAM 2: no module present
    4. Aug 5 14:30:53 timeshift vdr: [23744] CAM 1: Conax Conditional Access, 01, CAFE, BABE
    5. Aug 5 14:30:58 timeshift vdr: [23744] CAM 1: system ids: 0B00
    6. Aug 5 14:31:01 timeshift vdr: [23744] CAM 1: doesn't reply to QUERY - only a single channel can be decrypted
    7. Aug 5 14:31:01 timeshift vdr: [23725] CAM 1: ready, master (Conax Conditional Access)
    8. Aug 5 14:31:01 timeshift vdr: [23725] CAM 2: ready, master (empty)
    9. Aug 5 14:31:01 timeshift vdr: [23725] switching to channel 1 C-70-9-101 (NRK1 Østlandssendingen)
    10. Aug 5 14:31:01 timeshift vdr: [23756] SVDRP server handler thread started (pid=23725, tid=23756, prio=low)

    Second part is this:


    I also have the DDCI2 and VNSISERVER plugins compiled and enabled. :)

    Hello, been working fine until today. Suddenly I got error "no data".

    Here I captured the logs before I fixed it with a reboot:

    After a reboot it works, logs::

    Complete syslog attached. :)



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    Seems I have too many patches so this last one fails to apply:

    Attached my ci.c file (had to zip it due to forum not accepting .c extension upload). I have patched most of kls patches (up to 26).



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    Ok here are some more logs:

    Hum, not sure. I think perhaps something happens in Chrome... the logs are English when I paste them but Chrome is trying to help me with the German part of the forum (of which I only have very basic knowledge!).

    Does this work?

    If not see here:

    Gents, is this error somehow related to this patch? I get the error every week or so ...

    Took me a full day but now I have it all up and running again.

    Latest stable kernel to get the new digital devices drivers, VDR with all patches, camtweaks, vnsiserver and ddci2 plugins and we are back in business! So now I have this reminder till next time! :P