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    Hello HelmutB I did actually revert to original and apply them both again but still the error on the 3 first hunks. When I manually checked I could see that the information was allready there so that might be the issue. I did compile and it works just fine.

    I might go for the newest 2.4.5 source, but I was hesitant due to it not being released yet. Thanks for the support!

    Hello again, found that I needed to apply the first patch and then optionally the second. :)

    But still I get this.

    root@timeshift:/home/timeshift/Nedlastinger/vdr-2.4.4# patch -p1 < ../camtweaks-patch/vdr-2.4.4-camtweaks-2.4.1_scaForceNewCat.patch 
    patching file ci.c
    Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n] n
    Apply anyway? [n] y
    Hunk #1 FAILED at 123.
    Hunk #2 FAILED at 154.
    Hunk #3 FAILED at 213.
    Hunk #4 succeeded at 279 (offset 3 lines).

    Now it does compile so I will give this a whirl. It comes down to my lacking german skills... :D Thanks!

    Hello HelmutB, was trying to update from 2.4.1 to 2.4.4. Downloaded the patch but I cannot get it to apply cleanly. Am I doing something wrong?

    I am suspecting a poor cable connection. There are more of these than before:

    Feb 24 12:13:57 timeshift vdr: [670] read incomplete section - len = 264, r = 268
    Feb 24 12:14:08 timeshift vdr: [670] read incomplete section - len = 278, r = 158
    Feb 24 12:14:21 timeshift vdr: [670] read incomplete section - len = 457, r = 700

    So I will check the cables to see if that works better. Also I have removed the EnableCaModuleTweaks. The TV6 channel was encrypted but it was my wife running the TV at the time so not sure exactly what happened. I have after this error tried the same channel and it works fine.

    I think my next order of business is to double-check the coax signal cable.

    Yes that sounds right HelmutB. It seems to be crashing when there was many streams being decrypted at the same time. It actually improved when I turned off the machine and powdered it off.

    But now we have many hours if use and no crashing. Very happy wife ???

    I repatched with the new camtweaks and recompiled vdr+plugins. Now it seems more stable. Been running for 3 hours, and that is more than the 5 minutes I got yesterday.

    Thanks for the tip davie2000, I will check this file for sure!

    I have been running VDR stable for a long time with ddci2 and MCD patch. This afternoon I suddenly struggle with exit errors all the time. Anyone got any tips?


    I am running on a Linux Mint install, fairly updated. The VDR is 2.4.1 with select patches and Digital Devices video card, multi decoding and Conax CAM. All of which have been working just fine for a long time.

    Hello again HelmutB. Not sure how I fixed it but I went into the GUI setup, enabled CA tweaks under miscellaneous. First time I enabled it and exited it did not stick, but second time I enabled and then chose restart from the GUI and then it worked. Now Camtweaks works again. The others error remains but the WAF is back on-track :)

    Hello HelmutB I have just now upgraded to vdr-2.4.1 and this new patch. In my log I get the following error:

    Should I worry about this? Just remove this from setup.conf?

    It also seems I cannot get multichannel decrypt:

    Aug  5 14:30:50 timeshift vdr: [23752] VNSI: Welcome client 'XBMC Media Center' with protocol version '13'
    Aug  5 14:30:51 timeshift vdr: [23744] CAM 1: module ready
    Aug  5 14:30:51 timeshift vdr: [23746] CAM 2: no module present
    Aug  5 14:30:53 timeshift vdr: [23744] CAM 1: Conax Conditional Access, 01, CAFE, BABE
    Aug  5 14:30:58 timeshift vdr: [23744] CAM 1: system ids: 0B00
    Aug  5 14:31:01 timeshift vdr: [23744] CAM 1: doesn't reply to QUERY - only a single channel can be decrypted
    Aug  5 14:31:01 timeshift vdr: [23725] CAM 1: ready, master (Conax Conditional Access)
    Aug  5 14:31:01 timeshift vdr: [23725] CAM 2: ready, master (empty)
    Aug  5 14:31:01 timeshift vdr: [23725] switching to channel 1 C-70-9-101 (NRK1 Østlandssendingen)
    Aug  5 14:31:01 timeshift vdr: [23756] SVDRP server handler thread started (pid=23725, tid=23756, prio=low)

    Second part is this:


    I also have the DDCI2 and VNSISERVER plugins compiled and enabled. :)

    Hello, been working fine until today. Suddenly I got error "no data".

    Here I captured the logs before I fixed it with a reboot:

    After a reboot it works, logs::

    Complete syslog attached. :)