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    Thanks guys - I have Ubuntu 18.10 and VDR 2.4 so I can get Quad Core Hauppauge without worries. My wish is basically the pci-e card that has drivers from kernel and as my S2 card has two tuners I will end up max 6 tuners.

    Was there a 4 tuner limitation in VDR in some old times??

    I old times I remember to read from VDR information that maximum tuner amount is 4. Is that limit still valid? My point is that I am planning to update my DVB-T2 PCI-e card and Hauppauge had a device that had 4 tuners immediately (Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD). I would like to keep my twin tuner DVB-S2 car in use too and currently twin tuner DVB-T2 PCI-e avaialability is limited. I have already DVBSky device in use and I prefer not TBS products due their own closed driver. So is VDR 2.4 still limited to four tuners or not? I did not found that limitation easily so it could be that limitation is vanished over the years.

    Die oben erwähnte Nvidea Shield scheint durchaus ein leistungsfähiges und problemloses Gerät zu sein. Das werde ich mir mal genauer anschauen.

    My impression is that Nvidia Shield is the best hardware compared to price ratio just now. It could be that my impression is outdated and I am ready accept different opinions but for my personal needs (VDR server in basement - Shield next to unsmart TV in living room) Nvidia Shiled has been the outperforming solution. However my experience is mainly only Raspi3 and full Windows computer whose both has been replaced by Shield.

    Buy a TV with Android and run Kodi, that is what I do and it works perfect. For 4k you might need something more powerful. Sony and Philips are better choises than Samsung.

    Excatly - this seems to be the most capable way just now. The challenge is that does Android TV run on your new TV until eternity or will it be a two years when TV vendor decides discontinue your product. If I would be buying TV just now that would be the path to use (modern TV with Android TV OS) but as I am not buying TV just now I have worked it out by using NVIDIA Shield or some other Android TV based media device.

    With TV manufactures the main problem is that their product lifecycle is something like few years and I preferrably use my TV much longer than that. The hardware will run on TV for a long time but all "smart apps" tends to die a way before TV hardware dies.

    LNB replaced to see was it something physical. It probably had some effect but no breakthorugh. I will continue within following topics:

    1) SCR/Unicable settings - do I have now all parameters as I should?
    2) Planning to install second cable to get rid of Unicable
    3) Still one more DVB-S2 receiver replacement to see does that have a role

    So process continues - no major breakthroughs yet.

    I have seen this statement

    "Put a file "ddbridge.conf" into /etc/modprobe.d which contains "options ddbridge msi=0"


    To me it is very unclear what this - "[size=small]Did you have I²C-Timeouts" really means? I can see the wikisite for [/size][size=small] I²C but how do I see do I have that or not?[/size]

    I am anyway testing this setting now to see what happens.

    Without SCR is bit hard as I have just one cable coming from LNB to tuner and reason why I need SCR is that getting second cable is VERY hard. Of course I can setup temporary additional cable but that is not the final solution due family reasons (it does not look good says my wife). Also the fact is that even with my SCR setup on single channel works well - so problems start when more than one program is watched at once.

    So SCR least when no multiple channels simultaneously used.

    Just thought that if it is SCR issue would it make sense to test another LNB instead of just replacing card and drivers.


    Agreed - trusty based media-build-experimental made no change at all in my xenial setup.

    I am slowly thinking that my SCR solution and LNB used in it might play a role. So my next trials are

    - New old style Cine card running with ngene drivers
    - New LNB to see is this one faulty with unicable
    - tune up SCR settings in VDR as current ones are picked up from forum and left as it is as things started to work

    I have slight feeling for LNB as things worked well in the start for a while and this issue has increased all the time. That feels bit like some electronical component is bit giving up. Also fact is that two totally separated cards have repeated this issue equally. VDSB issue is missing signal problem by principle and thats why I am thinking my cable, LNB or SCR might have a role here - in top of card driver issues.

    OK - I will give a shot with media-build-experimental for trusty - lets see what happens. With quick search it is bit hard to find AMD64 variant of that. Of course compilation is one way but as I have managed in life without it so far I prefer not to do it now either. I am not sure is it smart but thats how I have worked until now.

    What is the actual reason why dddvb kills my DVBSky - why DD driver affects on other vendors card? What if I buy older V5 dd cine that uses ngene. Is there hope that it will do things smoother with 4.4 kernel?

    Ubuntu 16.04 - kernel 4.4 and just realized that ddbridge from kernel is just 0.5 so that is pretty far from current 0.9.28 - so I guess first trial is to upgrade ddbridge. However if I use yaVDR dddvb-dkms I can easily upgrade it to 0.9.28 but it kills my DVBSKy DVB-T2 device totally (lost in /dev/dvb) and though DD Cine is found it tunes out nothing - so that is not optimal solution yet either. Maybe compiling is the thing if there is no suitable working dddvb-dkms package to my Ubuntu Xenial AMD64 bit.

    Or is there some configuration files for dddvb-dkms that might enable my system work? From Kernel with ddbridge 0.5 most of the things works except the issue described in first post.

    This is a topic that is widely discussed in German side but as my German language is limited to Google Translate I hope someone can assist me in most correct thread. Case is Ubuntu 16.04 VDR 2.2.x from Ubuntu binaries and VDSB issue. I have dual DVB-T2 (DVBSky) and dual DVB-S2 (DD Cine V6.5) tuners and issue happens when two satellite channels are recorded simultaneously. Two DVB-T2 channels will not cause the issue. It was way minor when server was new but now it has clearly increased and starts to be a showstopper. Single DVB-S2 works perfectly so it happens just when one card handles two bands. I have SCR setup running which might play a role here. The questions are

    1) Is this just card driver issue? I have used so far Ubuntu kernel DDBrige drivers and to work out issue I have tried DDDVB-DKMS from YaVDR, but it kills my DVBSky totally so that is not option. The other side of coin is that I have tested with TeVii S480 card and generated exaxtly same issue there. So is there a high hope that new driver complilation will solve the case? How far is Ubuntu 4.4 Kernel drivers compared to most recent one? Modinfo reports 0.5 for ddbridge so I guess it is pretty far from 0.9.28 currently dowloadable? In thread I have found latest NGENE drivers will solve the excactly same case but as my card is more recent version I assume NGENE is no option as this one requires DDBridge?

    2) Can this be SCR issue? VDSB is simply just lack of input so is it possible that my SCR is not working as it should and some hardware changed in cables or LNB might change the thing?

    3) Could this be a lack of RAM issue? My motherboard has been pretty odd and so far I have been found just one memory to make it work stable. That is just 2Gb of RAM. WHen going to dual recoding it will go to 80-90% of its capacity. So finding more compatible RAM and growing it at least 4Gb is anyway one step I will do.

    4) Could this be a motherboard issue? As commented in last bullet my motherboard is odd. I am building second computer to test it but it will take a while and until that making this work would be best option.

    5) Could be this slow recording disk space issue? I have RAID-6 on Linux and its in some cases bit clumsy in reading too. Could this be too slow writing capability issue? In my perspective VSDB is input signal thing and by that no affect on writing side. Error there should be something else.

    EPSG update etc. things told in Wiki tested - no help. SO clearly issue is connected on multiple DVB-S channel simultaneous recording.

    Any comments and point to most correct german thread?