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    I am about to buy the Kontron KTQ77/Flex board for installing bm2lts and have some questions .

    - Does the board come with integrated cpu and graphics ?

    - Can you use any Intel i5 or i7 with socket 1155 or just 3rd generation intel processors ?

    Intel Core i5-3550S, 3.0GHz, quad Core, 65W

    Intel Core i7-3770, 3.4GHz, quad Core, 95W

    Which is better ?

    - Can you use a dedicated gpu like Nvidia ?

    - Can you play HEVC/h265 ?

    Many Thanks.


    I have an Nvidia 720 gt at the moment which does not support hevc/h 265 codec.

    This also explains the reason why hardware decoding is inactive.

    Would need an Nvidia GTX 900 series gpu to get hevc/h 265 coding ability.

    Sadly, these cards are too big to fit in the AVG2.

    Video can play more or less with vlc , smplayer and mpv player which relies on the strength of the cpu.

    Using the original AVG2 sempron , dual core cpu playback is unfortunately not very smooth.

    As technology progresses maybe in 6 months there might be a download patch/fix for cards not supporting the hevc codec.

    With the AVG2 any new gpu with integrated hevc capabilities needs to be the same size as the current Nvidia 720 gt.

    Regards. :(

    Hi cinfo ,

    The new Kodi 17.0 Krypton has good improvements over 16.1 Jarvis.

    One of those improvements is the ( info ) tab next to the ( video ) tab. this tab shows you the information of the codec and if it is being used .

    In my case the Hardware Decoding - Inactive .

    The HEVC/h265 codec is installed in Kodi but is not activated when a video needs this to be.

    Can you show us the command used to enable this ?

    I am sure it is easy.

    Best Regards and i apologize for any inconvenience.

    Hi cinfo,

    Kodi played a video i had in HEVC/x265 codec slowly.

    I played the same in smplayer and slow play.

    I google and change mplayer to mpv and now perfect play on smplayer. :)

    How can you play HEVC/x265 video on Kodi ? is this possible with BM2LTS using original AVG2 box ?

    Thanks again.

    Hi cinfo,

    Your instructions :

    1. user: root
    2. PW: bm2lts

    The only way i can get this to work is :

    1. ctrl + alt + f2

    This takes me to root shell and no access to internet where i can copy/paste :

    1. sudo dpkg -i *.deb


    1. sudo dpkg -i kodi-pvr-vdr-vnsi_2.6.3~git20160723.8515b4b~ppa1~trusty_i386.deb

    Kodi 17.0 is working now , this is important . How and why is another question but thanks to you i have kodi back.

    Many thanks.

    Hi cinfo,

    The output of vnsi :

    1. reel@BM2LTSR66RBin:/media/hd/home/reel$ sudo dpkg -i kodi-pvr-vdr-vnsi_2.6.3~git20160723.8515b4b~ppa1~trusty_i386.deb
    2. [sudo] password for reel:
    3. dpkg: error processing archive kodi-pvr-vdr-vnsi_2.6.3~git20160723.8515b4b~ppa1~trusty_i386.deb (--install):
    4. cannot access archive: No such file or directory
    5. Errors were encountered while processing:
    6. kodi-pvr-vdr-vnsi_2.6.3~git20160723.8515b4b~ppa1~trusty_i386.deb
    7. reel@BM2LTSR66RBin:/media/hd/home/reel$


    Many thanks cinfo,

    Kodi 17.0 is working but i am no sure why.

    sudo dpkg -i *.deb :

    1. reel@BM2LTSR66RBin:/media/hd/home/reel$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb
    2. [sudo] password for reel:
    3. dpkg: error processing archive *.deb (--install):
    4. cannot access archive: No such file or directory
    5. Errors were encountered while processing:
    6. *.deb
    7. reel@BM2LTSR66RBin:/media/hd/home/reel$

    I also get this error :

    1. Error! Could not locate dkms.conf file. File: does not exist.

    Thanks again.

    Hi ,

    I would like to know if Kodi tv is still working ?

    From 2 days ago there is no Kodi for me.

    I am told that vnsi and xvdr plugin does not work and users here must be having problems watching tv through Kodi.

    User Wolfgang gave me a link to a git repository but this needs to be explained better for low level users like me. :wand

    The Link :

    The vnsi plugin was working fine , i do not know why the change.


    Hi wolfi.m,

    Thanks for responding .

    my linux is very bad and do not understand the instructions.

    Particularly ( clone the git repository ? ) what is this ?

    Is there a .deb package or ppa you can use ?

    Thanks again for your help.

    Hi ,

    Kodi for some reason stopped working yesterday.

    I have googled for solutions to the problem and used it for bm2lts but no result works.

    This is the message i get when you try to load the vnsi and xvdr plugin :

    Seems to enable but when you restart kodi the plugin is disabled .

    1. Kodi can not load plugin
    2. An unknown error has occurred
    3. Can`t load DLL.

    Things tried :

    1 - Delete reel/.kodi
    2 - Update to Kodi 17 alpha

    Nothing has worked . :wand

    Help please and thanks.

    Hi cinfo,

    Sorry for taking so long to get back , i was away,

    Having bought a new gt 720 and installed with v2.88 , there are no problems.

    Kodi tv and sat load fine in around 30 seconds and stops.

    I will stay with v2.88 as this version is the most stable (for me). :)

    Many Thanks.

    Hi cinfo,

    Thanks for responding.

    I installed bm2lts v2.94.4 yesterday but the problem with the tv channels started after v2.88 release and is why i use this image.

    I am unable to use Kodi does not stop loading channels.

    Ok, I have a favorites channel list , is there a way to just load the 15 channels i want and not 5000 ?



    When you first start Kodi , the tv channels automatically load from the vdr backend.

    The problem is that when the process appears to have finished , it again starts to re-load the channels and again and again - a continuous loop.

    Unable to use Kodi because the cpu is always at 100 %.

    This can not be just me ...

    Many Thanks.

    Hi maier2505,

    With the search function and "fancontrol" you should already find here in the BM2LTS area where to find the right threads to make fancontrol work.

    Nothing on fancontrol is in search except my post. Please show me where that post is ?

    But please tell me why you are connecting the fan to the Kontron Board ?

    I am trying to reduce the noise of the main fan. It was also useful to know the rpm of the fan and the loud noise is equal to 1400 rpm.

    Therefore, searching for a way to reduce the rpm and in doing so reduce noise without compromising performance.

    This led me to try different fan connections on the Kontron board but also on the small power board next to the psu.

    The connection to the small power board seemed as though the fan was making less noise but on the Kontron board made slightly more. However, on installing an app from Ubuntu called psensor, you have temperature and rpm readings .

    Fan 1 , had a value of 1400 rpm which was the Kontron main cpu fan.

    On placing the fan connector on the small power board there was no reading. It made sense to me to know the rpm so i could lower the reading.

    The only set back is how to do this and so i googled and found fancontrol . Following the method of a post , i tried to modify the reading but our BM2LTS image is not the same as an ordinary Ubuntu , so this ended in failure, hence, this post.

    Originally it is connected to the small Power board...

    Yes, i know , thanks. :)

    I have a spare fan and so yesterday on changing the fan registered 1000 rpm. This is acceptable, the fan makes some noise but it is ok.

    Thanks for helping.


    The big fan on the Kontron board is very loud.

    Can you reduce the fan speed ?

    Fan speed 1400 rpm is too high .....!! 700 rpm is better.

    I installed / fancontrol / but unable to control the fan.

    The fan is connected to the main board next to the 3v battery.


    Hi maier2505 ,

    Fantastic, AVG2 is now working .

    I now know what a COM232 connector is , the small and large one's.

    The large COM232 connector was not properly pushed all the way in.

    A picture is a thousand words.

    Many thanks to you.

    Hi maier2505 ,

    Many thanks for responding , i really am lost here.

    If you are using the original Board, then very likely the RS232 Connector is at the wrong COM interface or turned around.

    Yes, i am using the original board .

    Worst Case by connecting the wrong way you can damage the MAX232 Device on the small Power Board and then no Communication will happen.

    I hope this is not the case...

    Not sure where the com232 is to be honest , i tried to put back the connectors in their original places.

    Thanks again for helping out.

    Hi cinfo,

    I have just finished factory reset v2.94.3 and also tried with v2.88 but i do not understand why the Reelbox Lcd is :

    REEL MULTIMEDIA Reelbox and Standby is flashing.

    Makes no difference which bm2lts factory you install.

    Must be a connector or maybe the LCD display has an open circuit ?

    I am lost here.


    Hi cinfo,

    The Nvidia 720 could not handle the heat and started pixelating the screen. Need a new gt720 or ( gt610 maybe ? )

    Initially, changed the Kontron board for another identical one. I had hoped to fix the problem but failed.

    There is a more worrying problem i have now because even though Kodi works fine , vdr does not.

    Ehd has green light now and seems to work as there is a picture from hdmi. However, you are not able to use the remote control ? so you can not change channel or configure Reelbox ?

    The only way to switch off vdr is by unplugging from the wall.

    The Lcd display and front panel show :

    1 - REEL MULTIMEDIA Reelbox constant and without change.
    2 - Flashing/blinking ( Standby )

    No matter what you do, vdr is completely unresponsive.

    What am i doing wrong ?

    Do you have images of how original kontron m-itx for Reelbox 2 ?

    Maybe a connector is in the wrong place...

    Thank you for your help.