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    Hi maier2505,

    Dvd is now installed and working . It is a sata dvd so better than the ide one it replaces.

    Also changed the firmware from v18 to v23 , which is ok but now the way to install bm2lts has changed because the instructions are different; so now i will download the v18e firmware and install that onto the usb and into bios. Hopefully will get back the old style of installing bm2lts to try out and modify the kernel of v2.95.

    I am pleased with v2.90 but just would like to see if the front panel lcd can work.

    Ok, many thanks again.


    Things i have tried :

    - the bf.exe7.73 copy/paste into the 8gb fat32 pen drive

    . But what about the other 3 files. They go by 18 21 and 23 . So i download this 23 and where does it go ??????

    I am using a linux based distro called bm2lts and booting into a virtualbox guest windows 7.

    I go into the pen drive where i copy/paste this bf.exe and i can see a flash of black screen . That is it , seriously clueless my friends - completely clueless.:wand

    Hi Diablo,

    Here is the data sheet :

    I have downloaded the bf.exeMB's and SBC's. used to upgrade/modify BIOS on Latest version v7.73 dated 2014-08-13.

    How do you use this ?

    Have also downloaded the actual update ( but not sure how to install

    Many thanks.

    Hi maier2505,

    I have 4 ram modules of 4 gb each. If i place 12 gb avg2 works , if i now install all 16 gb the avg2 starts and stops in a loop.

    I think the bios needs to be updated but not too sure how to do this.

    If you have updated the board can you show the way you did the update ?

    Many thanks for your time.

    Hi maier2505,

    The avg2 is working ok now. The com was not soldered correctly.

    From start to a tv picture takes exactly 60 seconds. The desktop is very fast as i have an ssd os drive.

    Using bm2lts v2.90 stable because although the vdr frontpanel is working ok , there is no picture output on the tv using v2.95. No problems with v2.90 :thumbup:

    Yesterday , was trying to install the dvd , although i had to use a pata to sata converter . The dvd did not register in the bios. I think the problem here is that i used a sata3 cable. Today i will use a sata2 cable , maybe will be success :).

    Ok, many thanks for help .

    Hi maier2505,

    It seems like i spoke too soon.

    I wanted to tidy up the avg2 as it was a mess with cables and i had 2 hard drives which needed installing.

    when i came to start the avg2 again after 15 seconds there was a loud beep lasting 3 seconds and then the avg2 stopped. I then disconnected from the mains.

    On closer inspection i found that removing the frontpanel and mini COM boards the avg2 started ok but of course no lcd display...!

    I now have changed the ribbon cable between the frontpanel board and COM board . I thought this would fix the problem and i thought it did but after 2 minutes the lcd display was still flashing (standby and reel multimedia ).

    Kodi works perfect , i can watch tv/sat very well.

    Problem is with th COM and frontpanel boards.

    Maybe on relocating the flat cable connecting the lcd display to the mini power board , the cable is broken inside ?

    I am stuck confused as everything seems ok but obviously is n`t.

    Need help again and sorry.

    Hi maier2505,

    Many thanks for trying to help here.

    Some bad news in that ftontpanel again is not working. :wand

    I am sure the COM2 connection is correct , but no frontpanel.


    problem with the Network Interface (are you using the right Interface ?
    fitting to the file "interfaces"?), so that the Netceiver is not found

    - What would be the right interface ?

    My etc/network/interfaces :

    In the software setting i am using :

    - avg2 with internal netceiever.

    Many Thanks.

    Hi maier2505,

    Ok, the frontpanel is working but not COM1 on COM2 . :wand

    However, the ffrontpanel is very slow and until the message BM2lts appears there is a 2 minute wait.

    When you power on the avg2 the box starts and stops in a loop using the remote control .

    My in/dev_frontpanel file :

    if grep -q 80860c00 /proc/bus/pci/devices ; then
    # RB AVG II
    ln -sfv /dev/ttyS1 /dev/frontpanel
    logger -s -t $myname linking /dev/frontpanel to /dev/ttyS1
    elif grep -q 80860152 /proc/bus/pci/devices ; then
    # RB AVG I
    ln -sfv /dev/ttyS2 /dev/frontpanel
    logger -s -t $myname linking /dev/frontpanel to /dev/ttyS2
    elif grep -q 80860150 /proc/bus/pci/devices ; then
    # RB ICE


    Hi maier2505,

    Can you say my COM 1 connector is correct, like you have it on your ktq87 ?

    I know the frontpanel is correct.

    The sbin/ is exactly the same as yours.

    My only doubt is the COM1.

    I have looked at the ktq77 thread and can not find anything on setting up a static ip.



    The avg2 now has the kontron ktq87 board using intel i7-4770 cpu.

    - front LCD panel LCD is not working

    - cpu fan noise is like a plane engine (2500 rpm).

    What i have done so far :

    / sbin /


    if grep -q 10027910 / proc / bus / pci / devices; then
    # RB AVG II
    In -sfv / dev / ttyS1 / dev / front panel
    logger -s -t $ myname linking / dev / front panel to / dev / ttyS1


    if grep -q 80860150 / proc / bus / pci / devices; then
    # RB AVG II
    In -sfv / dev / ttyS1 / dev / front panel
    logger -s -t $ myname linking / dev / front panel to / dev / ttyS1

    Also, if you can look at my COM 1 port to see if this is installed correct ? and frontpanel ?

    Many thanks.


    I have the Kontron ktq87 flex board now and request some help.

    Please correct me if i have made a mistake.

    - Can you use the avg2 frontpanel connector on this board ?
    - Can you use the small power board next to the psu ?

    In general can you just refit the components of the avg2 board onto the ktq87 board ?

    - Which COM connector do you use ?

    - Is there a file you have to change also ?

    Ok, many thanks for any help .

    Hi cinfo,

    My setup :

    - AVG 2 - internal netceiver - no ehd

    I am stuck with satip at the moment.

    No access to web interface just no connection message.

    Is satip only for use with nuc and not AVG 2 ?

    The problem for me is what to put in etc/default/minisatip :

    # Bsp. NUC
    OPTIONS="-n eth0,1:1 -w -o -b 15640"

    # remove comment to start minisatip

    Is this correct ?

    Also , when you enter into browser i get no connection error.

    If you use satip do you need to set in route 66 ?

    Many thanks for your help and patience.

    Hi cinfo,

    Still no satip .

    Is this my vdr-ip http:// is this correct ?

    Many thanks.

    Hi cinfo,

    I hope you can forgive my curiosity in getting satip to work. The idea of Reelbox without ehd is the way to go, i think.

    Here is my attempt to get this working but get the ( unable to connect ) message.

    Opened Java ControlPanel to give permission to Http:// but no success.:(

    I enter into browser and unable to connect.

    killall -g vdr to stop vdr

    / etc / default / minisatip :
    OPTIONS="-n eth0.2:1 -w my-vdr-ip:8080 -o -f -t"

    OPTIONS="-n eth0.2:1 -w -o -f -t"

    My vdr-ip is the same as my local host ?

    Install tvheadend :
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 379CE192D401AB61
    sudo apt-get install curl
    curl | sudo apt-key add -
    sudo apt-add-repository -r
    sudo apt-add-repository
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install tvheadend

    Administrator: root
    password: bm2lts

    Are these keys for kodi ?

    At the moment no channels seem to work.

    Many thanks.

    Hi cinfo,

    Live tv is working well, the new is an improvement over old rbc making vlc play smooth hd.

    The new replacement is missing rbc .

    RBC is important for me as with the osd i can manually scan in sat/tv channels.

    Would it be possible to include rbc again with and still maintain good hd playback ?

    Overall, excellent work here.

    Many thanks and happy new year.