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    I'm using VDR as backend on my home server (build from source, on Ubuntu Server 16,04, frontend is Kodi with VDR-VNSI). I have all the plugins configured as I like, but I'm really lost with configuring to add xml epg data to VDR epg. I think I would need the xmltv2vdr plugin, but I'm not even sure. Here is what I would like to do:

    I have the EPG source in xml available online for two days (it is for Hungarian channels). I would like to use the EPG data from this downloaded file for some of the channels configured in VDR. How can I do this? Can somebody help me with an example? I read the xmltv2vdr wiki, but it is not clear to me.

    The source xml file can be downloaded here (updated each day for two days): guide.xml

    Here is for example one line from my channels.conf file:

    M4 Sport;DigiTV:11900:hC56M2O0S0:S1.0W:28000:4040=2:4047=hun@4:0:1802,1880,1815,D02,D97,653,B02:3490:1:12:0

    Now I would like to use the relevant data from the downloaded guide.xml file for channel M4 Sport in VDR. Please help me, what and how I need to configure to make this work?

    Let me know if you need any more input from my side.


    I would like to buy this card for my media server running Ubuntu Server 16.04. According to Linux TV it is fully supported since kernel 3.9, is this card working fine with VDR? I need DVB-S2 and DVB-T.
    Everything working fine and stable, is this card a good choice?
    Thank you!

    Finally, after a sleepless night I figured out what was the problem. As most of the time, it was again a user error: I have the source on a mount that was mounted with noexec. Once I changed the mount and allowed the execution of binaries, everything started to work.


    I installed Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and I want to install VDR 2.2.0 with plugins. I build VDR and plugins.
    I managed to build VDR 2.2.0, Streamdev, VNSI Server, EPGFixer successfully, but I fail with Live and EPGSearch plugins. I have installed all the dependencies, at least I believe. The errors I get while make are the following:


    make[1]: execvp: ./ Permission denied
    Makefile:256: recipe for target 'docs' failed
    make[1]: *** [docs] Error 127


    *** Plugin live:
    ./buildutil/version-util gen_version_suffix.h || ./buildutil/version-util -F gen_version_suffix.h
    /bin/sh: 1: ./buildutil/version-util: Permission denied
    /bin/sh: 1: ./buildutil/version-util: Permission denied
    Makefile:125: recipe for target 'gen_version_suffix.h' failed
    make[1]: *** [gen_version_suffix.h] Error 126

    I really don't know what to do, I hope you can help me! Thanks!

    OK, we managed to fix the issue. It turned out that it was not VDR or tuner related at all, but it was because TWO (2!) diplexers were of cheap quality (even if they were brands, not no name ones). We ruled out the error on the first diplexer when we replaced it with another tested item (I started with hw error trial before I wrote here). I got an advise from a professional sat guy to try an Alcad professional diplexer. As I was really desperate, I bought one and suddenly everything started to work!

    So it was not at all related to VDR or kernel or any Ubuntu update.

    Thank you for all of you who tried to help me with this error!

    And you may test streaming with streamdev-server and vlc to get vnsi out of the way.

    The two devices don't share any delivery systems, so the one should be used for T channels, and the other for S/S2 channels. Hm...


    I have tried to update the kernel too, now I will try 4.2 generic (Willy), but I'm afraid that it will not help.

    Next thing will be streamdev, then we can rule out vnsi.

    Are there anybody actually with dvb-s2 and dvb-t tuners and working VDR? :) There must be. And it did work for me as well, don't understand.

    OK, I got the system back.

    Here is the log with both tuners connected:

    I have added dummydevice too, but it didn't help, it looks to me. As you can see, frontend 1/0 always timed out. Just don't get it why and what can I do. The same is working fine without the dvb-s device attached. All -s and -t channels are FTA.

    I can use w_scan to scan for dvb-t channels and it founds all of them without problem, just as dvb-s2.

    Please help me, I'm going crazy. Especially as it did work a month ago...

    Can you show the part of syslog, where vdr starts? Especially what it reports about the capabilities of the devices.
    In theory, vdr shouldn't have a problem with mixed devices.


    Of course. I will need to reinstall, as i completely messed up the system with trying to build dvb drivers, etc and I will then provide complete logs.

    I'm 100% sure that this can be resolved somehow, both DVBSky S960 and MyGica T230 are fully supported and widely used with VDR. I really hope you will be able to help me here.

    When I got the DVB-T stick, some half a year ago, I just plugged it in and it worked. So it was working already on this system. I had to do a reinstall, and then my nightmare started.


    first of all, sorry for writing in English, I don't know German good enough.

    I'm running a headless home server for VDR as backend, and have two tuners. DVBSky S960 for DVB-S2 and Geniatech T230 for DVB-T reception.

    VDR version is 2.2.0 from GIT, but I tries the latest too. I compiled on Ubuntu Trusty with plugin VNSI-Server.

    My problem is that drives me crazy now, and spent more then a week to figure out what could be wrong: if both tuners are connected, only DVB-S works, no DVB-T. If I disconnect dvb-s tuner or remove all the dvb-s entries from the channels.conf then dvb-t is working perfectly. If I add dvb-s channels, then dvb-t says no signal, lost lock, etc. But dvb-s is working fine.
    I reinstalled Ubuntu Server a several times, and tried everything I can imagine, nothing helps. Both tuners are fine, they are working very good, but if both connected, dvb-t stops working. How can this be and why?

    Please tell me what logs do you need, I will provide everything you ask. I'm going mad now because I can't resolve this.

    Many thanks for your help!

    Hi @TCr82

    First of all, sorry for writing in English, but I don't know German good enough.

    I'm trying to make VLC or ffmpeg with any of the codecs work for live tv streaming. I have a not so powerful pc doing the transcoding, which combination and settings would you recommend?

    VLC with x264, and which settings?

    One more question: what do you install on ubuntu Trusty for all this to work (vlc, ffmpeg, x264, etc), and do you compile these or use ppa?

    Thank you!

    What you want is a SAT>IP server?

    Take a look at minisatip:

    Yes, this was not clear to me, that satip plugin is for RECEIVING ip streams or it can create IP stream out of dvb source.

    Basically yes, I need a server, and minisatip look something like that, thank you!
    However, it seams that I will be better with streamdev server, then I will have reencode possibility too for over the WAN with EXT. Just to get a good config.

    One more question: if you have a dvb-s tuner, why would you need IP streams in your local lan, what is the benefit of it over direct DVB-S device?

    First of all, please excuse me for going somewhat off-topic here, but I really got lost now and I'm sure you will be able to help me.

    I have VDR backend fully working with a single DVB-S2 and single DVB-T2 tuner. I need only one channel at once from each devices.
    I'm not sure if SATIP plugin is the one I'm looking for. I would like to create ip streams out of my DVB-T device's reception. Is it possible with this plugin or I need to look elsewhere (if yes, then where)? I would like to access the ip stream of the dvb-t device on my local LAN and Internet when I'm not at home.
    There are 4 muxes on DVB-t, I would need them all, but only one mux at a time, so no need to have 4 tuners I guess.


    Thanks Wirbel

    I'm not using a cheep indoor antenna at all, I have a professional antenna on the top of the building with excellent reception, mounted by a professional. The coax cable goes to my room where the server is, then I need to connect it with the mcx cable.
    Not sure if my tuner is the weak spot here, as it is working nice sometimes, and then it starts the lost lock, regained lock and HD DVB-T channels. After a server restart it works fine. I assume it must be the tuner I use. Or?

    I will look into the Ganiatech T230, especially if it is a recommended device. I don't see it nowhere except in China stores, any ideas for EU? But first I would like to see if the tuner I have is the problem or something different. Any ideas how to debug this?

    I just got an antenna mounted at the top of the building for DVB-T reception. I'm even very close to the transmitter tower, and the system was made by a professional, the signal is great!

    I'm already running VDR as a backend with a DVB-S2 card for a long time and it is rock solid and stable.
    At the moment I have a cheap Chinese off the eBay tuner for DVB-T. Basically it works, no problems at all, except that it uses mcx connection, so an UF to MCX cable needs to be inserted, and I guess I loose a lot of signal strength on that conversion, as it is a thick cable, but I can't confirm that, no ways to test.

    The tuner is identified as:

    So it is an ITE device, and IT913x bx. I'm on kernel 3.19.0-28-generic #30~14.04.1-Ubuntu, tuner is found without need of media_build.

    The only problem I have is with the HD channels, all the SD channels are working excellent. The HD channels are sometimes working good, there are only occasional pixelations on the screen, however, sometimes the video gets corrupted, and it "brakes/falls apart" and becomes green, and garbage on the screen. Switching to SD channel is perfect. After a restart, it usually works. I get full of this in VDR log:

    Sep 17 08:48:00 serverpc vdr: [3788] frontend 0/0 lost lock on channel 153 (M1 HD), tp 722
    Sep 17 08:48:02 serverpc vdr: [3788] frontend 0/0 timed out while tuning to channel 153 (M1 HD), tp 722
    Sep 17 08:48:03 serverpc vdr: [3788] frontend 0/0 regained lock on channel 153 (M1 HD), tp 722
    Sep 17 08:48:06 serverpc vdr: [3788] frontend 0/0 lost lock on channel 153 (M1 HD), tp 722
    Sep 17 08:48:06 serverpc vdr: [3788] frontend 0/0 regained lock on channel 153 (M1 HD), tp 722
    Sep 17 08:48:06 serverpc vdr: [3788] frontend 0/0 lost lock on channel 153 (M1 HD), tp 722

    Why could it be, any ideas?

    On the other hand, could you recommend me some cheap USB DVB-T (single) tuners that work fine without any problems on Ubuntu kernel 3.19 and onwards, and VDR?
    Please list some specific names.