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    Dear all.

    I have VDR4Arch docker headless installation on Unraid server with DD-Cine S2 cards installed. no problems ever experienced so far.

    Last week I wanted to experiment with IPTV plugin as I have been given a playlist to play with.

    IPTV Plugin installed, VDR is seeing the channels from the channels.conf and they are transferred correctly to Kodi with VDR-VNSI.

    Unfortunately I have interruptions in sound which according to the log from VDR is due to VLC. The video picture is very stable and no dropouts can be seen.

    I have installed and reinstalled VLC number of times but unfortunately the errors in the log remains the same and I am lost now:

    log file:

    The channels.conf file


    bTV Comedy HD;IPTV:10090:S=1|P=0|F=EXT|U=vlc2iptv_raw|A=10090:I:0:33=27:32=bul@3:0:0:1:1:10090:0

    bTV Comedy HD.conf




    The stream works perfectly without any sound dropouts when I play it directly with VLC on a mac and Windows pc.

    I would be extremely happy for some ideas to try.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards.

    The DVB driver is available as a plugin and is needed only if you take the docker road.

    Alternatively If you chose to use VDR as a VM the DVB Driver plugin is not needed but you have to pass-through the DVB card.

    Long time Unraid user here.

    I am using VDR4Arch as docker for quite some time now and it behaves absolutely rock solid.

    YaVDR as a VM is working perfectly stable as well if you would like to have an Ubuntu VM in your system.

    I have the same issue with Ubuntu 22.04 (YaVDR ansible), VDR 2.4.8 and default fw coming with the distribution.

    My SNR and Signal dropped significantly to the point some HD channels are showing artifacts on fast moving pictures.

    My antena is pointed correctly, the cables, F-connectors and diseqc switches are checked.

    With a separate STB attached directly on the cables - the SNR and Signal are showing over 70%. So it is not an infrastructure/interference problem for sure.

    I believe something with the driver,kernel, distribution combination is happening.

    DVB cards are DD-Cine S2 + daughter cards.

    Good evening.

    I have a VDR 2.4.0 server which is streaming to 6 clients in my house via VNSI and streamdev (for the VDR standalone clients).

    My kodi machines are accessing LiveTV via VNSI server.

    Once in every 2-3 hours I have a weird message in Kodi interface with the message "Channel locked (recording)!"

    I have no active timers programmed.

    This evening I have investigated the log and found the following:


    Mar 4 00:15:15 YaVDR-VM vdr: [628] suspendoutput: output suspended by inactivity timer

    Mar 4 00:15:15 YaVDR-VM vdr: [628] ERROR: Channel locked (recording)!

    Mar 4 00:15:15 YaVDR-VM vdr: [628] ERROR: no OSD provider available - using dummy OSD!

    Mar 4 00:15:15 YaVDR-VM vdr: [628] suspendoutput: output resumed by user action

    Mar 4 00:15:15 YaVDR-VM prevent-umount-on-pause[591]: ERROR:dbus.connection:Exception in handler for D-Bus signal:

    How can I get rid of this message and what is causing it?

    Thank you.

    p.s. In case full syslog is needed I will upload it.

    Thank you all for your suggestions.

    For the moment I solved the problem by totally disabling tuner0 (with vdr-plugin-dynamite) and adding one additional duoflex add-on card.

    Now I have perfect reception.

    ...and that topic is just "half-legal" and won't be discussed here further.

    I understand this and it is not a topic I wanted to discuss either first because I am paying subscription for all my cards to the operators and second because it was not a descrambling issue at all. Somehow my VDR was not using properly tuner0.

    I performed some additional test this afternoon. Installed a test system based on YaVDR ansible with the same DVB tuner and all of them (0-3) are working normally.

    Start to think that there is something wrong with my production VDR running on VM environment.

    For the moment the problem is solved and I am not going to investigate further.

    I would really like to thank you all for the help.
    Best regards.


    I can confirm that the problem is not due to descrambling. Checked many times with different dvb set top boxes and no problems with neither of them.

    I believe somehow VDR is not handling well this specific transponder and I am not really sure how to start a debug mode via yavdr console so that I can be more specific with the problem.

    Thanks very much for your input though.

    Hardware is not excluded yet, as the pcie-spi bridge port0 was still in place on all tests.

    If i understand you correctly you mean not the DVB card but the PCI-e slot on the Motherboard?

    If this is the suggestion it might be excluded as I tested also on a a different slot and no change.

    Still you can tie the better of the SAT tuners to some channels by using the CAID field in channels.conf.

    Unfortunately this only works for "free" programs.

    Unfortunately not possible as the said programs from the transponder are not free.

    Swapped all cables with different configurations many times. It is always tuner0 and not a cable problem. Obviously it is not the hardware problem in the DVB card as well as 3 different cards has been swapped and it is always the tuner0

    Hello Stefan. I really do not know. How can i check this?

    The YaVDR was build years ago following the official guide.

    I believe i am using the kernel as no additional drivers has been installed by me.

    Forgot to add the ubuntu version

    Description: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS

    Release: 18.04

    Codename: bionic

    Hello all.

    I have a YaVDR ansible headless server with VDR 2.4.0. The tuner is DD Cine v.6.1. + 2 additional tuners connected to the main PCI-e card.

    The server is providing signal to 4 clients in the house via VNSI and via Stremdevice-server.

    Everything is working good except some weird effects.

    When I use tuner0 i am always getting pixelization on some transponder (HD channels) on Bulsatcom.

    Every single point of the chain from the sat dish to the DVB card has been extensively tested.

    The LNB, the coaxial cables, F-connectors have been all exchanged to new. The satellite dishes has been re-aligned.

    I have tested 4 different LNBs from different vendors and they all act the same. General Satellite, Invacom, Inverto Black, Televes they all have the same issue.

    If tuner0 is locked to different satellite and I watch 39east via other tuner everything is fine.

    As long as no client is connected to the server and I switch to Bulsatcom and tuner0 gets involved the pixelation begins.

    Of course I thought that this is a hardware problem related to the DD Cine S2 tuner and I exchanged it to another spare one. The problem has not been saved.

    Connecting all 4 cables one by one to a conventional DVB set-top-box gives a perfect picture with no pixelization on all cables so I am excluding a problem with the dish, LNB, cable or connector.

    The log is clear with no obvious errors while I experience the weird pixelization.

    If the problem cannot be spotted is there any way to disable tuner0 and prevent it to start once the server is rebooted.

    I am ready to provide additional information for my setup if needed.

    Thank you in advance.



    Found some time for tests.

    All I can say it is very complicated device.

    It is working great although the initial setup is not easy. A lot of network work involved. Every channel has its own IP and port.
    Individual packages can be configured with different channels.

    Have not tested it via VDR but under VLC as UDP and RDP streams and it works.

    The hardware is not the best option for home usage as it can stream up to 8 transponders. This explains why the TV operator i borrowed it from had something like 40 of them connected in 3 racks.

    There is almost no information in the www about them so if of interest I am uploading here the User manual

    Best regards

    Hi all,

    I got in my hands several DVB devices which have been decommissioned from a local TV-IP operator.

    The devices are Terra SDI 480.

    Here is the link with the specifications:

    TERRA SDI 480

    Do you think such hardware can be put in use for VDR?

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

    Best regards.

    If I understand correctly I need to perform apt dist-upgrade

    What is strange is that I was successfully upgrading available packages in the system up to this moment with apt-get upgrade. The problem occurred once VDR 2.4.7 and the respective plugins came available (for upgrade) and I got message that they are not going to be upgraded by a reason unknown to my knowledge.

    I am a little bit hesitant to perform apt-dist upgrade if you think there is a risk to break something as this system is my main living-room one and the family is using it all the time, and it is working very stable and reliable.

    Edited: Just performed apt upgrade instead of apt-get upgrade

    This time it worked:

    All packages updated correctly. Here is the output from vdr -V

    Thank you.

    Thank you, Seahawk.

    Here is the output: