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    It's seems that the last libva-intel-driver master git break vaapi deinterlace.

    black screen or fixed display.

    i use kodi and softhddevice (vaapi vpp) and both don't work for live tv.

    in vdr log:


    Jul 29 14:02:35 [vdr] vaapi/vpp: Wrong number of forward references. Needed 0, got 1
    Jul 29 14:02:35 [vdr] Changing to 0 forward reference surfaces for postprocessing_

    If i unpatch commit:

    VPP: Combine the CSC/Scaling together to optimize the performance

    that work like before.

    I open 2 bug report :… (open) (closed)

    So could someone confirm the bug ?



    i test the latest git and that seem to work now.
    No crash and connection to plex server is good now.

    i'll do some more test and report if i find something.

    Did you plan to add subtitle support ?

    Anyway ,good job.

    See you.


    i try to use your plex plugin (latest git) with vdr-2.1.9 and debian sid .

    vdr and plex server are on the same pc.

    First i have to patch and rebuild poco-1.4.6p1 from experimental with poco-1.4.4-patch-for-libpcre-8.32.patch (from gentoo)
    because plex plugin crash at start with "_pcre_ucd_stage1" error.

    Now , problem is plex plugin don't find any plex server and crash

    I try on my gentoo (vdr and plex plugin) and plex server from my debian and that work good with no crash.

    I try on my gentoo (vdr and plex plugin) and plex server from my gentoo and that work good with no crash.

    I try on my gentoo (vdr and plex plugin) and plex server from my gentoo and plex server from my debian and only plex server from gentoo is discover

    I try on my debian (vdr and plex plugin) and plex server from my gentoo and plex server from my debian and no plex server is discover

    Difference is that my debian is in 32bit and my gentoo in 64bit .

    Is there something else i can do ?

    Anyway thanks for your work.

    See you.

    The patch mentioned above removes the locales, but it does not make any difference - but setting PREFIX to $DESTDIR and creating the needed LIBDIR in DESTDIR does the trick:

    skinnopacity still doesn't work if the plugin is started without an active frontend:

    Aug 22 20:46:59 vdr4arch vdr[1006]: [1006] nopacity: No TrueColor OSD found! Aborting!

    like i say before, i do a dirty patch, your patch seem much better.

    I do my test with vdr-2.0.2 vanilla and skinnopacity and i don't have start problem
    That work but with refresh problem with xv.
    If i use vaapi that crash pretty soon because scalevvideo don't stop.

    it's seem that hud osd work differently with xv, vaapi and vdpau.

    You can test tvguide plugin without skinnopacity to see if it's the same.
    In my case it's good with xv and crash the same way with vaapi.

    If I try building this plugin outside of the vdr source tree DESTDIR is ignored for the locale files:

    Makefile:100: Building outside VDR source tree
    install -D /home/alexander/yaarch/vdr4arch/plugins/vdr-xineliboutput/pkg/vdr-xineliboutput/usr/lib/vdr/plugins/
    Installing po/
    install -D -m644 po/ //usr/share/locale/et_EE/LC_MESSAGES/
    install: cannot remove '//usr/share/locale/et_EE/LC_MESSAGES/': Permission denied
    make: *** [//usr/share/locale/et_EE/LC_MESSAGES/] Error 1

    That's the raison why i need to patch the makefile.

    Take the patch msgmerge.diff from the first post


    xineliboutput has now support of cDevice:: ScaleVideo()

    But that not perfect : problem of refresh

    I don't know who is the guilty : skinnopacity ,xineliboutput or both
    With xv or vaapi hud seem to work differently.
    For vdpau , i don't know

    [Blocked Image:]
    [Blocked Image:]
    [Blocked Image:]

    Not the good topic but seem to work for tvguide (i don't do lot of test)

    [Blocked Image:]

    Anyway thanks for your work.

    VDR Plugin 'xineliboutput' Revision History

    ????-??-??: Version 2.0.0

    - Dropped support for vdr < 2.0
    - Support for cDevice:: ScaleVideo()

    2013-08-20: Version 1.1.0

    - Added simple touchscreen remote controller to vdr-sxfe
    - Added XShape support for HUD OSD: opaque HUD OSD when no compositing manager
    (Thanks to grueni75)
    - Added support for background image streams (display images or videos while playing music)
    (Thanks to Helmar Gerloni)
    - Added manual ordering to playlist menu (Thanks to Marco Skambraks)
    - Hide mouse cursor after 2 seconds mouse inactivity (Thanks to Gerald Dachs)
    - Added support for Alt and Ctrl key modifiers to X11 keyboard remote controller.
    - Added support for yaepg(hd) video window with HUD OSD (Thanks to grueni75)
    - New, smoother live mode SCR sync algorithm (Thanks to Dirk Brenken)
    - Scale or re-position SD subtitles on HD OSD (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg)
    - Added an option to select subtitle OSD scaling or re-positioning
    - Use xineliboutput/allowed_hosts.conf instead of svdrphosts.conf
    - Implemented demuxer with mpeg-ts support
    - Initial support for vdr-1.7.15
    - Support for multilayer OSD
    - Improved OSD scaling (OSD reacts now immediately to frame size changes)
    - Replaced cIConv with VDR's cCharConv.
    - Supports only for vdr-1.6.0 or later.
    - Implemented build-time configuration script
    - Fixed aspect ratio problems when using ffmpeg mpeg2 decoder
    - H.264 updates
    - Added support for .ass subtitles to media player (Thanks to zaverel)
    - Added support for .smi subtitles to media player
    - Added OpenGL HUD OSD support: HUD OSD without compositing / window manager
    (thanks to grueniUnder75)
    - Added tearing-free OpenGL video output support with high-quality OSD (thanks to grueni75)

    With gentoo vdr-xineliboutput-9999 need a little and dirty patch for Makefile or compile failed

    Thanks to phintuka

    to get xineliboutput-2.0
    cvs co vdr-xineliboutput

    For xineliboutput-1.1.0