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    Looks like there's still something causing unexpected timer deletions during xmltv2vdr epg update cycle. I moved epg update to time when there's usually nothing to record and enabled "recreate deleted timers" on epgsearch as a workaround. Could this problem be something in epgsearch not liking xmltv2vdr? Spotted note below on epgsearch docs that sounds it might be related. I'll try adding commands to stop epgsearch when xmltv2vdr is running to see if it helps.

    Important: if you get your EPG from external sources make sure that search timer updates are disabled while your EPG is updated. The reason for this is that epgsearch will remove timers without events assigned to them. This situation can exist while the new EPG is feeded to VDR. A simple way to disable search timer updates is to use the SVDRP command SETS in your EPG update script.

    Please update the driver.

    I committed a check for symbol rate == 0, which might have caused this oops.
    The new driver will now complain, if symbol rate is 0 ('Invalid symbol rate').


    Hi. After updating to latest version it crashes as soon as VDR is launched. I'll try later today by using otherwise same version as last time and just adding this new symbol rate check to it. This is new problem could be caused by changes in linux-media tree between my last try and now.

    Anyone else experiencing driver crashes? I did find old pastebin "post" via Google dating back to November 2011 with exactly same error message so I guess it's not only me. However doesn't seem to be that common either.

    System runs fine from 5 minutes to one week. Then I get divide error from set_parameters in stv0367dd and DVB tuners stop working. After rebooting it works until inevitably crash later. System is Intel Core i5-2400 with two DuoFlex CT v2 PCIe cards and two DuoFlex CT v2 extension modules. I'm using cards in DVB-C mode. Problem occurs also with only one card without extension modules. System load doesn't seem to have any effect and to me crash seems completely random. Usually setup works for few days but like I said sometimes it crashes within 5 minutes and sometimes works flawlessly up to one week.

    OS is Ubuntu 12.04 and I've tried with various kernel versions with and without Ubuntu specific patches. Kernel version doesn't have any effect on problem. As for DVB drivers I've followed instructions on first post of this thread.

    Hi johu,

    please try latest GIT version of xmltv2vdr - i changed a few things a few minutes ago.

    Hi. I just updated to git commit 7e4be58b957cac92e5fbb345fc919012b4cb9d32. After restart xmltv2vdr EPG update cycle was ran successfully without deleting timers. I'll let you know if problem still occurs, but looks good so far.

    Trying to make sense of this thread with Google translate and bit unsure if there's currently solution? I'm having same problem, when xmltv2vdr plugin updates EPG something is triggered and all(?) timers for that day get deleted. Configuring epgsearch to put deleted timers back helps, but any manual timers are lost for good. Also any currently active timers get stopped when EPG is updated. I'm running latest xmltv2vdr and epgsearch versions (pulled from git 24.6.2012) on VDR 1.7.28. EPG processing seems to be quite resource intensive as there's sometimes dropped frames. Enlarging buffers helps but doesn't completely fix that part. Hardware should be more than fast enough for this purpose (Core-i5, 4GB ram and 160GB Intel G2 SSD).

    Timers are deleted by code in timers.c. I added comments after each "deleting timer" string present in sources. I guess I could comment that out and delete expired timers manually until proper fix is found.

    Log below is from last night when running couple days older xmltv2vdr version. I've tried with latest as of right now and same problem is present.