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    I've changed the title, hope this will help describe the situation beter.
    Sure hope there's someone out there with another Hauppauge WinTV PVR150 (or 500) as I'd love to get this to work.

    Hi all,

    So far I've managed to get VDR setup quite okay and basically everything seems to work as it should apart from my tuner.
    My desktop has an old Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 MCE card, wich should be supported directly by V4L (as it was in my previous TVHeadend based setup).

    Unfortunately I could not get this card to work yet in VDR. I've installed the ivtv drivers (version 1.4.1) and I managed to figure out that I need the "pvrinput" plugin to get analog TV working.

    And that's where I hit a wall...the pvrinput plugin contains little to no installation instructions on the github page and when I try to install the package using APT ("apt-get install vdr-plugin-pvrinput" ) everything seems to go rosey, but afterwards I cannot scan for tv channels using either w_pvrinput (this file isn;t even present on my system) nor does wirbelscan recognise this card.

    Please help me get this to work, I'd really like for my PVR to actually be able to display Live TV ;)