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    Hi cduerr,
    I got same card and mantis driver,
    i tried to use your patch (applied manually to last svn),
    the system crash when idle now and then, you can contact me and if you tell me I can provide you some logs to inspect (but i do not know exactly where to look!). Without the card the system was stable.
    Let me know!

    P.S: sorry but i am not really skilled in writing in german...


    I just have some questions (sorry that I'm writing english, but my written german is awful).

    I'm waiting the hw, and I started wondering what shoud I install to have a good htpc...

    I though about ubuntu with XBMC, and then vdr to use the dvb-c card I got (even for HD content)...
    Obviously I will install directly karmic...

    I read some posts in this forum, which happen to be interesting... but at the moment I'm really confused!

    let's say I want to install xine 1.2, vdr 1.7.9 and xbmc-pvr... which ones of the repository should I use?
    Or it is better to use another config?

    thank you a lot!