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    Now I checked it with myself. This sometimes happens when watching encrypted channels, regardless of the output plugin, most likely the decryption does not start from an independent frame. It doesn't really bother, after a second the picture is restored.

    If you are using a skindesigner and a output plugin with openGL OSD (softhddevice or softhdcuvid), you will get a distorted menu for any of the actions:



    external plugin;

    mpv plugin;

    mplayer plugin.

    At first I thought it was due to an incorrect skin, but now I assume that it is due to corruption of the image cache.

    The skindesigner creates a cache once upon skin initialization. But when the output plugin is paused, the openGL OSD discards the image cache.

    During the operation of external plugins, the openGL OSD does not work, and starts again when returning to the vdr.

    But the skindesigner does not know about it, and uses the damaged cache of images. It is easy to recover by giving the command "svdrpsend PLUG skindesigner DLIC".

    I tested VDPAU and CUVID, but I think the same with VA-API (softhdvaapi).

    Does anyone have such a problem?

    Who thinks what, the output plugin should manage by the skindesigner, or the skindesigner should update the cache itself, for example, when the cOsdProvider is destroyed.

    With beta2 plugin mp3 works, mpv works when showing status bar, but crashes when showing menu.

    Fast debug of core.dump:

    Tested with a screen resolution 1920x1080, softhddevice and softhdcuvid.

    vdr works, but info messages are shifted to the left behind the screen, the short message is not visible, the long one is visible the end.

    mp3 plugin crashed when show statusbar.

    mpv plugin crashed when show any osd.

    dvd plugin crashed when show statusbar.

    image plugin works.