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    Hi all.

    With the current plugin I have a problem where the remote commands accumulate and after exiting the plugin they are sent to the vdr in a batch. The vdr gives an error to this, but it can change the channel, go to the menu, or do something else.

    This patch solves this problem.

    Most likely no one did the transmission of multichannel PCM sound through hdmi, everyone uses receivers with DD decoders.

    I think in the current situation it will not work, you need to change the softhd* plugins. You must first decode DD into a multi-channel PCM, and then passthough it. The softhd* plugins can either passthough as is or decode to stereo.

    Passthough PCM is a transmission of PCM sound from source, without decoding or resample.

    Hi all!

    I made a test version of the plugin with keyboard support. Those who do not use the remote control can try it.

    Necessary condition.

    The plugin uses the output plugin's library (softhddevice, softhdcuvid, softhdvaapi, vaapidevice), so it should be compiled AFTER the output plugin is compiled. If you are doing a clean build, you can compile the plugin in a second pass, or make a symbolic link "zmpv" to the plugin directory.

    You must select your output plugin in the makefile, uncomment line with it.

    use branch test for this.

    Since the test version, it is possible that something will be buggy.

    -glx this is the output of the decoded picture to the screen using openGL librarys, but VA-API decoder used anyway.

    without this is the output through the VA-API decoder library.

    I didn't notice the difference in quality, because I use Nvidia.

    No videocard can transmit interlaced video to a TV. This is a very old problem. Only Matrox videocards could do this, but they do not have a hardware accelerator. Only specialized decoders can this, like Realmagic X-card, Holiwwod+, Reel eHD and so on (they are gathering dust on my shelf).

    And in any case, only the CRT TV displays an interlaced picture, all the rest are converted it to progressive.

    Are you sure the hardware is working properly? Desktop or console program like "mc" show correct colors?

    As I understand it, the problem is not only with OSD, but also the picture seems to be?

    You can try install and run mpv, to make sure the entire device is working.

    If all the hardware is working properly, I would assume that the problem is in the drivers, and this can be checked by running mpv with vdpau.

    ps. Fast check, start softhddevice with -w no-hw-decoder -w disable-ogl-osd.

    All softhd* plugin use Xorg for output, and scale video always (and use deinterlacing too).

    You can forget about the output in the original format.

    Reel eHD can output Originalformat (and interlace video), but can't hevc and UHD, so I drop developing for it.

    But SD scaled to HD on Nvidia (vdpau and cuvid) looks acceptable for me. I don't know how it looks on the uhd screen.