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    I'd like to report a bug in VNSI server, dunno if it's the right place for it.

    When I zap to some channel, i don't have sound. If I open the audio menu on this channel i can see around 10 audio tracks, instead of 2 or 4, depending if channel have ac3 or not.

    As example, Canal+ from cable:

    The stream has 4 audio tracks, 2 ac3 and 2 mp2 ( one each for fr and en ).
    In xbmc menu, i can see 11 tracks. 2 first ones are fake chans, then track 3,4,5,6 have the sound, then 7,8,9,10,11 are fake.

    Those fakes trakcs are not supposed to exist. I don't have this problem with Streamdev, or tvheadend ( and not on vdr side of course ) .

    When tuning from xbmc-pvr to those channel it gives me this on the log:

    That's a really annoying bug as default audio track always a fake one.
    I thought first the bug came from a bad ttxtsub patch, then i tryed a vanilla vdr with only vnsi running, but it gives me the same problem.

    Other problem , related i think, I don't see any teletext subtitles in the xbmc sub menu. I could see them with streamdev if i remember well.

    Tested with vdr-1.7.15 and vdr-1.7.16

    Is it an identified problem and does somebody has it too ?


    Thanks I will give a look on this, this looks interesting if it's multiplatform.
    But adaptive streaming needs to simultaneous encode video in all 3 bitrates ( edge , 3g + wifi ). That's really cpu intensive for such usage.

    I prefer to select the most accurated bitrate for the situation, than consuming 100% of your cpu just for lazy stuff :)

    edit: on what i see, this solution is not dedicated to live encoding.

    Hi there

    I've jsut tested latest pvr-testing commit.

    Recording are now working ok. :)

    I saw you started to correct the pid change. It doesn't seems to work for dvb-c here.

    We still have the "VNSI-Error: payload not PES ? ,VNSI-Error: dropping broken PES packet" problem.

    Then xbmc Freeze and need to be restarded ( not vdr ) .

    Here are the log on vdr side:

    and on xbmc side :

    1. 16:51:08 T:2713959280 M:1190621184 DEBUG: CDatabase: Connecting to database MyTV4.db at /home/xbmc/.xbmc/userdata/Database:
    2. 16:51:08 T:2713959280 M:1190621184 DEBUG: AddOnLog: xbmc.pvrclient/VDR VNSI Client: changing to channel 7
    3. 16:51:08 T:2630876016 M:1197731840 DEBUG: CPullupCorrection: detected pattern of length 1: 20000.00
    4. 16:51:09 T:2761943920 M:1196347392 WARNING: CALSADirectSound::GetSpace - get space failed. err: -32 (Relais brisé (pipe))
    5. 16:51:09 T:2630876016 M:1195966464 INFO: CDVDPlayerVideo - Stillframe detected, switching to forced 25.000000 fps
    6. 16:51:11 T:3020191616 M:1195372544 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (DialogSeekBar.xml) ------
    7. 16:51:13 T:3020191616 M:1193611264 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (DialogFullScreenInfo.xml) ------
    8. 16:51:35 T:2779855728 M:1189322752 DEBUG: Thread 2779855728 terminating (autodelete)
    9. 16:51:35 T:3020191616 M:1189400576 DEBUG: SECTION:UnloadDelayed(SECTION: LCODE)

    I don't know if those log helps you. Don't hesitate to ask me for more if you need to debug.


    Hello Ping Pong

    Few days ago you've submitted this patch :

    It solved some xbmc freeze problem.

    Now with yesterday commits , the problem came back again. I think the guilty commit is here:

    Now when i switch channels on xbmc side, sometime xbmc is completly frozen, and on vdr side it gives paylod pes problems:

    Then xbmc freeze.

    xbmc log:

    1. AddOnLog: pvrclient/VDR VNSI Client: changing to channel 110
    2. 15:02:30 T:2805918576 M:1193263104 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(audio)::Get - retrieved last data packet of queue
    3. 15:02:30 T:2805918576 M:1196945408 WARNING: CALSADirectSound::GetSpace - get space failed. err: -32 (Broken pipe)
    4. 15:02:30 T:2831096688 M:1196691456 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(video)::Get - retrieved last data packet of queue
    5. 15:02:31 T:2831096688 M:1195753472 INFO: CDVDPlayerVideo - Stillframe detected, switching to forced 50.000000 fps
    6. 15:02:32 T:3018315648 M:1193893888 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (DialogSeekBar.xml) ------
    7. 15:02:36 T:3018315648 M:1189736448 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 62715:2b9715b700000201 00 REMOTE_STOP imon-lirc1.conf (REMOTE_STOP)
    8. 15:02:36 T:3018315648 M:1189736448 DEBUG: OnKey: 224 pressed, trying fullscreen info action Stop
    9. 15:02:36 T:3018315648 M:1189736448 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile()
    10. 15:02:59 T:2893261680 M:1190281216 DEBUG: Thread 2893261680 terminating (autodelete)

    At least with the No Signal video, xbmc didn't froze. But that's a strange behavior, because I totally can switch to this channel from vdr directly, or if i force it 2 or 3 times on xbmc. But it nevers works on the first time.

    Perhaps the zap takes too much time on my config for some channels, but how could i force xbmc/vdr to wait a little bit longer when zapping ?

    I'm for now with xbmc pvr-testing 29768

    <EDIT<: an interesting thing i've found up with one of the channel causing dropping broken PES packet. I couldn't tune to this channel , each time I've tryed it gives dropping brken PES packet error.
    So I tryed to stream it directly on vlc with streamdev. Then vdr gave me this log:

    Adding pid 34 (type 0xc1) RegDesc not found -> assume AC-3
    Adding pid 53 (type 0xc0) RegDesc not found -> assume AC-3

    Then I could tune to this channel from xbmc after this.

    It seems vdr doesn't add the new pid on some channel while tuning from vnsi server.


    I've updated my Debian today, and it updated ffmpeg and libavcodec, etc.

    Now I have the same problem as you.

    The stream generated by the new ffmpeg is ok after some test.
    The problem is on Segmenter side.

    If i reinstall libavcodec/format/device to svn20100126 , and recompile segmenter it works ok. With svn20100411, segmenter stays without doing nothing, saying on the console:

    I can't track the problem in segmenter. I think it needs to be updated to new stuff in libavcodec/format, but i can't do this.

    For the moment use older ffmpeg & libavcodec ...

    No it's normal that recording encoding is faster than live video. For Live video, ffmpeg have to wait for each frame at 25fps. For recording it already has the whole video so it can encode to max speed. On my cpu it can encode to 100 fps.

    So it's normal if your stream is ready faster for video and recordings.

    I don't see where your problem come from here as there's nothing in your log that could help.

    What kind of DVB stream you have ? DVB-c , t, s ?

    Hi there

    I've tried vnsiserver , it looks really promising.

    I have 2 problem with it for now.

    When i zap from xbmc, afeter few channel zap, xbmc freeze ( can't stop the player while buffering ), and on vdr side it flood my logfile with:

    VNSI-Error: dropping broken PES packet

    on xbmc side when it's locked, it give this:

    1. DEBUG: AddOnLog: pvrclient/VDR VNSI Client: changing to channel 4
    2. 10:57:05 T:2829003632 M:1287643136 WARNING: CALSADirectSound::GetSpace - get space failed. err: -32 (Broken pipe)
    3. 10:57:05 T:2878782320 M:1286246400 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(video)::Get - retrieved last data packet of queue
    4. 10:57:06 T:2878782320 M:1285775360 INFO: CDVDPlayerVideo - Stillframe detected, switching to forced 25.000000 fps
    5. 10:57:06 T:3019892608 M:1284632576 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (DialogSeekBar.xml) ------
    6. 10:57:08 T:3019892608 M:1282334720 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (DialogFullScreenInfo.xml) ------
    7. 10:57:21 T:3019892608 M:1278849024 DEBUG: SECTION:UnloadDelayed(SECTION: LCODE)
    8. 10:57:21 T:3019892608 M:1278849024 DEBUG: SECTION:UnloadDelayed(DLL: special://xbmc/system/players/dvdplayer/

    The only way is to kill xbmc and restart it.

    If i switch to the same channel jsut after, it gives few VNSI-Error: dropping broken PES packet , and then it plays it fine.

    The second problem i have is i can't see the recordings.

    Folder looks empty. Is it supposed to work or it's not done yet ?

    I use vdr-1.7.14 , and xbmc pvr-testing svn from today.

    Thanks for your work.

    I've checked the code quickly, and saw interesting features as native Timers & recording management without svdrp & some get frame functions to handle probably FFD/RWD and jump in recordings isn't it ?

    Could you just list the actual & planned features, and what it brings against streamdev pvr client ?

    Thanks a lot for your work. I'm in the hurry to test this :)

    to achieve this, a whole new client needs to be done, as many features won't work on other browsers :

    - i have a bunch of triggers on animation start and end ( not supported by IE, Firefox, Opera, etc ).
    - All iphone looking drop down menu with multi selection works only on Iphone with touch events.
    - Many jqTouch specific events are used.

    The good thing are:

    - php server don't write any html code, but send only json data.
    - so we only have to build a new .html client for other browsers and detects wich one is best suited according to client browser.

    What needs to be done on server side:
    - New json functions & parameters to call streaming process according to client type.

    There's a lot of works, I only concentrate on Iphone features for now.
    Perhaps later.