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    Naja, der Solid-Cap Kondensator macht das natürlich zu einer gaaanz anderen Karte .... :rofl

    We can disregard the Trident and Philips chipsets

    What do you think about those attachments?

    By the way, when i wrote (New) i didn't mean they were producted last week.

    What i meant that they were produced after that old TT S2-3200.


    That's great news :)

    It's a good rule that you shouldn't put all eggs in one basket ;)

    Postkarte ist schon gekauft ?

    Die besten Grüße


    Regarding postcards,

    I'm from Egypt so i should buy postcard about the pyramids or king Tut etc and send to Claus?

    does even the default skin is not working? The skin horchTft is mainly designed to display to a fixed TFT display as replacement of the graphTft Plugin.

    Which kind of mobile device you have, with iPhone and iPad it woks fine here.

    Yes, none of the skins is wroking.

    That's why i posted the problem here,

    I think it's my fault because i thought if Live & VDRAdmin AM are working then osd2web should work too.

    I'm using an old symbian belle phone so you should not worry about that problem because noone will complain about it anymore ;)

    Best regards

    Why look for hardware differences, when it is a software problem?

    I don't know what is the problem or how to solve it.

    I thought all old TT S2-3200 got the same problem.

    DVBShop is selling those new ones which are so cheap

    (you can find one less than 15€)

    So i was thinking if i bought it then the problem will be solved.

    Anyway, as i wrote earlier, i will just ditch that card and use Technisat Skystar instead.

    Thanks a lot for everone who tried to help.

    Best regards

    @fnu wrote the only difference is the capacitor

    @wirbel you wrote both has the same layout

    You didn't mention anything about Trident chipset or STB0899

    I'm not talking about the functionality

    Because only the manufacturer can answer that question neither me nor you.

    Anyway, i will wait till someone spot the difference in demodulator STB0899

    You don't know it?

    If it works properly on Win 10, it can only be a software problem.

    That's why i'm confused.

    I tried Ubuntu, LibreELEC and MLD

    All have the same problem :(

    However, it works fine and very sensitive to weak signal on Win10!! :/:/

    Naja, der Solid-Cap Kondensator macht das natürlich zu einer gaaanz anderen Karte .... :rofl

    No, not the just the capacitor, take another closer look :)

    Beide Karten haben das gleiche Leiterplatten Layout, was ist mit 'neu' und 'alt' gemeint?

    Yes, same layout but different components.

    Old :

    PCI bridge NXP/Philips SAA7146AH


    Trident SAA7146AH

    Also demodulator STB0899 is different but i will leave it for someone who

    got a good observation to spot the difference himself :)


    It seems that it's only me who got that strange problem.

    I just want to know which TT-3200 you guys have?

    Because there are an old version and a newer version which is sold by dvbshop.

    I have included the 2 versions in the attachments.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Best regards


    Yes, there is no signal lock and no picture.

    I encounter this problem using Any VDR version from VDR 2.2.0 up to VDR 2.3.8

    Kernel 4.8.15 + Crazycat media_build.

    Here are some examples which describes my problem

    The following channels are working

    SRF info HD;Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen:11526:HC23M5O25P0S1:S13.0E:29700:522=27:523=deu@3,524=eng@3;525=deu@106:527:0:14053:318:1700:0

    Funbox UHD;SPI:10727:HC34M5O20P0S1:S13.0E:30000:257=36:258=qaa@17,259=deu@17:0:500:4601:318:11100:0


    TRAVELXP 4K:10727:HC34M5O20P0S1:S13.0E:30000:457=36:458=eng@15:0:500:4603:318:11100:0

    The following channels are not working

    BFM TV;Eutelsat:12692:hC34M5O20S1:S13.0E:27500:751=27:752=fra@4:0:0:415:319:9900:0

    Arte HD;Eutelsat:11681:HC34M5O20P0S1:S13.0E:27500:571=27:0;572=fra@106,573=qaa@106,574=qad@106,577=deu@106:0;575=fra,576=fra:0:307:319:15900:0

    Hot Bird 4k1:12539:HC56M5O20P0S1:S13.0E:30000:111=36:112=eng@15:0:0:1101:318:9100:0


    HBO HD;Cyfrowy Polsat S.A.:12284:HC34M5O20P0S1:S13.0E:27500:110=27:210=pol@4;310=eng@106:0;1410=pol,1411=eng:1803,1861,186C,100,1884,B01,500,1813:10510:113:7900:0

    HBO2 HD;nc+:10834:VC34M5O35P0S1:S13.0E:27500:593=27:693=pol@4;793=eng@106:0;7201=pol,7211=eng:100,1813,B01,1803,1861,500,1884,186C:3593:318:11600:0

    HBO3 HD;nc+:10834:VC34M5O35P0S1:S13.0E:27500:594=27:694=pol@4;794=eng@106:0;7202=pol,7212=eng:100,1813,B01,1803,1861,500,1884,186C:3594:318:11600:0

    Perhaps the card is faulty?

    If so then how come it works properly on Windows 10?

    Is it a driver problem?

    Best regards

    Thanks for replying @SurfaceCleanerZ

    I have signal problems as well using VDR on Ubuntu pc.

    I get no signal lock for 90% of DVB-S2 channels.

    By the way, i used Technisat Skystar for creating channels.conf

    Therefore all the channels are working.

    The not working DVB-S2 channels using TT-3200 are on Hotbird although some DVB-S2 channels are working which is so weird.

    Do you have Hotbird installed?

    Best regards


    I have TT S2-3200 as well which i bought 3 years ago.

    I tried all the available patches including stb0899.patch which was described here…noTrend_TT-budget_S2-3200

    And stb0899_signal_strength_v3.patch,

    All SD channels and just 10% of the HD channels are working while i get no signal lock for 90% of the HD channels.

    I thought the card is defect but when i tried it on Win10 everything is working properly.


    I read in your signature that you have 2x TT DVB-S2-3200,

    Could you please let me know what exactly you had done to make it work?

    P.S. i'm using Ubuntu O.S.

    Best regards.



    Thanks a lot guys,

    I used diseqc, now problem is solved :)

    The right disecq.conf should be as follows:

    It's a different scenario because i decided to use 1st tuner for Nilesat and 2nd tuner for Hotbird.


    S7W 11700 V 9750 t v W50 [E0 00 00] W50 [E0 00 03] W150 [E0 10 38 F4] W50 t

    S7W 11700 H 9750 t V W50 [E0 00 00] W50 [E0 00 03] W150 [E0 10 38 F6] W50 t

    S7W 99999 V 10600 t v W50 [E0 00 00] W50 [E0 00 03] W150 [E0 10 38 F5] W50 T

    S7W 99999 H 10600 t V W50 [E0 00 00] W50 [E0 00 03] W150 [E0 10 38 F7] W50 T


    S13E 11700 V 9750 t v W50 [E0 00 00] W50 [E0 00 03] W150 [E0 10 38 F0] W50 t

    S13E 11700 H 9750 t V W50 [E0 00 00] W50 [E0 00 03] W150 [E0 10 38 F2] W50 t

    S13E 99999 V 10600 t v W50 [E0 00 00] W50 [E0 00 03] W150 [E0 10 38 F1] W50 T

    S13E 99999 H 10600 t V W50 [E0 00 00] W50 [E0 00 03] W150 [E0 10 38 F3] W50 T

    Best regards


    @mighty-p, thank you for replying.

    I don't use diseqc.

    What i have is 2 dishes

    - Dish (1) LNB aimed @ Hotbird 13.0E .... connected to Technisat Skystar Express HD PCIe

    - Dish (2) LNB aimed @ Nilesat 7.0W .... connected to Technisat Skystar USB HD

    The problem is the 1st TV-card is working, i get no signal lock if i switch to the 2nd TV-card.

    That setup can be done using OpenPLi Enigma2 as you can see in the attachment.

    Regarding VDR i can't select which satellite should be used by which TV-card.

    I attached VDR LNB setup as well

    Device 1 connected to sat cable : own / 1 / 2

    Device 2 connected to sat cable : own / 1 / 2

    Should i use own, 1 or 2?

    Best regards