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    This is what i've done till now for trying run xmltv2vdr :

    1/ according to the wiki of VDR i've create a control file that i"ve named "kazer" and put in /epgsources (for openelec the path seems to be /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.multimedia.vdr-addon/config/epgsources)

    2/ I've created this small script to download the EPG data from the internet (for France it's, the name of the script is also "kazer" and i put it in "/storage/.kodi/addons/service.multimedia.vdr-addon/bin" because can't write in /usr/bin under openelec
    (xxx = my id account for

    3/ from the VDR OSD under kodi i mapped the channel_id of kazer with the channel of VDR : now i could see the file "setup.conf" of VDR have been update with the mapped channel

    4/ Now openelec return following ERROR :

    1. xmltv2vdr: 'kazer' ERROR epgsource returned 1

    And under kodi at the screen all the EPG of mapped channels is blank !!!

    Someone could help me ?


    i have got a rpi2 + dvb-t tuner that run under openelec 6 and VDR for the TV.
    This system work well and i would now import external EPG data...

    i read several thread about xmltv2vdr and it isn't so clear for me :

    - i was thinking of download xmltv file from internet ( for france) with a cron task

    - and use xmltv2vdr to import the downloaded file into VDR

    Is it possible to do like this ?


    Now goto the xmltv2vdr plugin settings in VDR menu and select the channels and map the channels


    i try (several year your posts) to import xmltv file in VDR (i run openelec 6 + VDR on a RPI2 with a dual tuner DVT).

    i create file as said "mywebepg" and try to add at the same path the xmltv file from kazer "mywebepg.xmltv"

    now i don't find how to map channel...can you help me ?