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    Hi Terminator1,

    Yes, you can reduce the load by installing an Nvidia card next to ehd.

    The card takes load off the cpu - unfortunately , after change from Trusty 14.04.1 to 14.04.2 Nvidia drivers do not work.


    I am using v2.51a for about 1 week now , not updating anything. Yesterday updated to 14.04.2 - kernal .

    The pc was ok , firefox etc... but the vdr does not work , only the image of Route66 with BM2LTS on the tv.

    The v2.61 works but nvidia does not install.

    How do you make the vdr work again ?



    Thanks for this information. I am on ubuntu at the moment have not used Windows except in the library to find a book or film.

    In any case downloaded the linux version but does not work.

    Thanks, i will use only dvd to burn iso , not so difficult.

    Thanks again for your help.


    Seems to be difficult to install bm2lts iso onto a pen drive.

    Livelinuxusb is no good for this , no windows install.

    I tried 3 pen drives already - error.

    Can somebody here show us step by step how to install please .

    Thank you .

    Thanks stschulze,

    I am sorry , i don`t understand livelinuxusb . I press usb and nothing happens ? , second step i hit the 3rd icon showing hard drive and nothing happens ?

    I select the disc in the middle and something ? starts to download .

    I then select lightening and it tells me insert usb ? usb is already in ....


    Hi ,

    How did you install v2.61 on pen drive ?

    I was trying 2 days and then a bought another today and still the same error.

    1. Permission denied: '/tmp/tmpi0jpx4p7/syslinux/'

    1. error - unable to mount

    I used first `startup disk creator` then ` unebootin` - same errors.

    Trying again now.

    Update : The last bm2lts to work with nvidia was v2.51 after this cards don`t work .

    Hi ,

    I too have the same problem as Ebus , just can not load nvidia .

    Tried the same way as Ebus has and `you are in low graphics mode`.

    No problems with nvidia in 2.48 , 2.51.

    I install bm2lts without nvidia 210 card and when fully installed - power off Reelbox - install nvidia then restart. This way worked for me but not 2.54.

    I hope this can be solved for next release.

    PS : kde desktop please - thanks. :D

    Hi cinfo,

    I have v2.48N RC5 installed and same errors as v2.45a.

    The install was going ok until sudo apt-get install kde-standard kubuntu-desktop kubuntu-plasma5-desktop plasma-workspace-wallpapers

    1. reel@BM2LTSR66RBin:/media/hd/home/reel$ sudo apt-get install kde-standard kubuntu-desktop kubuntu-plasma5-desktop plasma-workspace-wallpapers
    2. Reading package lists... Done
    3. Building dependency tree
    4. Reading state information... Done
    5. E:Unable to locate package kubuntu-plasma5-desktop
    6. E:Unable to locate package plasma-workspace-wallpapers

    Error also , with : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:neon/kf5 .

    1. reel@BM2LTSR66RBin:/media/hd/home/reel$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:neon/kf5
    2. sudo: unable to resolve host BM2LTSR66RBin
    3. Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:neon/kf5'.
    4. Please check that the PPA name or format is correct.

    The neon ppa doesn`t work :


    Hi cinfo and everybody, i apologize if this does not go here.

    I am having difficulty in installing the kubuntu desktop into bm2lts . You have Gnome , compiz , Kodi,xfce but no kde ?

    In synaptic , dependency errors . Use sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop , the read out is below :

    Hope you can help.