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    So much thanks for all of you! This is what I call support! I'm glad to be part of this community!
    Now everything is clear, at least I hope so!

    Regarding the USALS coordinates: it was clear to me that I have to enter those, just I was very confused of what can be done in OSD and what by editing the conf files. Basically now I have a complete picture, thanks to you guys!

    Now I need to find some time to configure everything (it is a little bit a challenge now, as my wife and my little daughter have different plans with me regarding the weekend:)).

    One more question regarding channel scan:
    is there a way I could scan just a given provider? For example, what should I do and how if I want to scan only the channels of UPC Direct on 0,8W Thor? I can do this on my STB (and later I delete the channels that are by UPC but for different country).

    OK, I will try USALS and see how it works.
    I still need to find out if the VDR version with OpenElec latest has USALS support or not. Perhaps you can check the link I have posted and you can tell me by the version number.
    Thanks for all your help guys, it is a great community, glad to be part of it!

    If you want to use the rotor positions you have saved to your rotors memory, you have to do a different approach.

    The approach we just discussed doesn't need to know anything about the positions stored in your rotors memory. VDR just tells the rotor what to do via GotoX/GotoN.


    I don't mind GotoX/GotoN, as I said, it really doesn't matter to me which approach is used, what matters that it is working!

    Sorry for this, but if I use the diseqc.conf file you posted and the channels.conf, how will VDR know where to tune which channel? I think I have to add my longitude and latitude positions somewhere? Or how? What I'm missing here?

    OK, then I have my diseqc.conf file.
    Well, the dish can not rotate 360 degrees, but it can 180. Anyway, I just need satellites from 0,8W up to 38E, so these are completely fine for the dish.

    About channels.conf. Here is a line for 28,2E:

    BBC One HD;BSkyB:10847:VC23M5O25P0S1:S28.2E:23000:5400=27:5402=NAR@3;5401=eng@106:5403;5404=eng:0:6941:2:2050:0

    I see that section S28.2E refers to the satellite. But where do I add my rotor positions for each satellite?

    It seems you still have a long way to go until you have a VDR up and running anyway? Do you already have the VDR hardware?

    Yes, I'm still at the beginning of my VDR project. I'm now on Win7+MediaPortal and basically everything is working perfectly on my HTPC but I just don't like Windows, so I would prefer to move to OpenElec and VDR for stable and reliable LiveTV support. But I need to understand these things first before I get into it, as it is essential for me to have this working (not to mention my wife:)).
    Your help is very much appreciated, I hope you could help me with the exact setup I need...

    I'm doing some research, and if I got this properly, here is what I understand so far.

    I have two satellites stored in my rotor's memory.

    0,8W position 1.
    16E position 2.

    For diseqc.conf I should use the following entry:

    S360E 11700 V 9750 t V W20 P1 W20 t v
    S360E 99999 V 10600 t V W20 P1 W20 T v
    S360E 11700 H 9750 t V W20 P1 W20 t V
    S360E 99999 H 10600 t V W20 P1 W20 T V
    S360E 11700 V 9750 t V W20 P2 W20 t v
    S360E 99999 V 10600 t V W20 P2 W20 T v
    S360E 11700 H 9750 t V W20 P2 W20 t V
    S360E 99999 H 10600 t V W20 P2 W20 T V

    But how do I link the channels in channels.conf to the correct positions?

    Thanks again!
    Well, what I need is a stable and reliable LivetTV. If latest dev version is that, I'm more then fine with it.
    However, I will use OpenElec, therefore I will be limited to the version available for OE Plugin repository. I think it is this:…vice/multimedia/vdr-addon

    From this you will see which is the latest version of VDR used in OE.

    Anyway, I see the links you sent me, but at this stage, I even have problems how to scan for a single provider (let's say RCS Digi on 0,8W) that is, to create a channel list.
    An example for both channel list and diseqc.conf would be great, where I can see configured for the same usage as I need.

    Sorry for being so n00b.

    Hi Hepi,

    thank you for your answer!
    I don't mind if I do not use USALS (DiSEqC 1.3), I'm completely fine with manually storing each position (DiSEqC 1.2 if I'm correct) for these satellite positions. I can use my STB to tune on the satellite and then store the position in the motor for each sat. I believe this should also work, and perhaps this is available already in stable VDR releases?
    AFAIK, the rotor support is already integrated into VDR and not available as a separate plugin.

    I would like to ask for some help on this, since I do not understand exactly how to configure this. I see rotor.conf file and perhaps other conf files, but based on the satellites and providers I need, I hope someone can give me a hint how to configure this?

    Your help is very much appreciated! I'm afraid my German language skills are very novice, and this is quite an advanced theme, so Google Translate is not enough.

    Many thanks!


    I'm completely new to VDR, I'm about to move to OpenElec and would like to use VDR for LiveTV with my DVB-S2 card. I have a USALS rotor on my dish, and I see that VDR has motor support. I'm very much confused how to configure multiple satellites and providers, I hope you could help we with this. I see that German language support is so much better but my German is very rusty, I hope somebody can help me here in English section of the forum.

    Basically, I would need the following:

    0.8W Thor: UPC Direct, Digi (RCS)
    16E Eutelsat: MaxTV
    28.2E: SkyUK
    39E: Polaris Media

    Can you please help me with this, how can I configure VDR for these satellites and providers?

    Many thanks!