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    One comment to the channel-change.patch.

    I have been using the patch for a long time without any problems. The idea of the patch comes from the XVDR plugin and I only adapted it for the VDR.


    Hey. You are actually the patch author. Thanks a lot for this patch.


    Thank you very much
    for this great must have plugin.

    One last favor.
    Even with the last version I still get this error:

    streamdev: channel changed, but caids remained the same, not re-tuning
    I have to change few channels so I can tune in.
    This patch:
    streamdev-channelchange.diff.gz From this bug report: seems to work.
    I can tune to a channel from the first try.

    Maybe you should apply it to the git.


    And good luck.

    First, thanks for your reply.

    I solved the OSD issue. The problem was that I have skincurses plugin installed which defaults to text console menu skin every time - which is not seen on TV.
    After removing the plugin I can now see OSD on TV.

    No, that will not work. You need the vdr plugin cecremote.

    Actually it works without this plugin. I can control VDR with my TV's remote only with xineliboutput plugin and frontend.
    But I am missing the Menu button. I can reach the menu with the 4 colored button and then pressing Back.

    Maybe I have to configure the keys somewhere.

    I still will to check this plugin - cecremote. But don't understand what the difference is.


    I have headless VDR server and I have raspberry pi in another room connected to my TV.
    I am trying to send VDR output to vdr-fbfe on my raspberry pi.
    Its working, kind of. I can view video+audio but i can't see VDR's OSD menus.
    I can change the channels with up and down arrow on my TV's remote (HDMI-CEC) but i am not sure that other keys on remote are working.

    BTW the only OSD part I can see on the TV its the Signal Information from femon plugin.

    my questions are:
    Do I have to define remote.conf for my TV's remote that is communicating with vdr through HDMI-CEC?

    Maybe there is some special configuration to make OSD working. VDR or xineliboutput configuration?


    Live with a osd patch to access OSD via your browser.
    You can access osd also with vnsi and kodi.
    With Remoteosd Plugin you can access osd on your server via your clients

    Yeah. I was looking more for kodi alternative. I want to transfer UI to tv via computer or maybe raspberry pi and if possible to use HDMI-CEC to control it, but I can live without it. I wanted to see original vdr interface. Never seen it before.


    I am looking for way to transfer vdr interface to remote pc.
    I have headless vdr 2.3.1 server.
    What is the best method?

    vdr-plugin-xine or vdr-plugin-xineliboutput?

    Are there other variants?


    GSatfinder GSF looks nice, but my server doesn't have gui :(
    Do you know if it supports uncommitted diseqc (1.1)?

    Right now I use szap-s2 and scan-s2 to see signal.

    scan-s2 -S2 -OS19.2E custom_scan

    I use this to set uncommitted diseqc port 2
    then I just interrupt it with Ctrl-C.

    Then I have to manually create zap format file with channel/transponder I want to search for. I create it manually because - let say - I still haven't tuned my dish and scan-s2 can't find the channel for me and create me file with channel(s) (not signal yet)

    Manually creating zap file is kinda hard:

    1. H265;ARD:10994:HC910M2S1:S19.2E:22000:4097=27:4098:1:1:1035:0

    Then I run:
    szap-s2 -c Astra1L.channels.zap -H -n 1
    to see signal indicator.

    This is how I do it now. Its a long procedure :(


    I am looking for tool to help me tune my antenna under Linux.
    Some tool, that will tune to specific frequency and show me signal indicator so I can fine tune my antenna.

    Can somebody point me into right direction?