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    Well, if you take a look at the vdr manpage it should be quite obvious...

    seahawk1986 sorry if i can't good understand your speaks. i am new on vdr . i search on web , unfortunately i can't find guide for compile vdr step by step .
    for video directory as you say. look when vdr say "vdr: can't access video directory video" means vdr havn't permission to acsses video directory . man page say "Use dir as video directory. The default is /video" i make dir video on root partition but vdr have issue again "vdr: can't access video directory video" . then i go to vdr directory and make dir video and run again vdr and issue disappeared.but i get two new issue

    1. aoa@aoa-Lenovo-G500:~/vdr-2.0.6$ vdr -c config -v video -Pxineliboutput
    2. vdr: error while reading 'config/sources.conf'
    3. vdr: error while reading 'config/channels.conf'

    I make video directory on vdr directory. and run vdr again . vdr has this issue

    1. aoa@aoa-Lenovo-G500:~/vdr-2.0.6$ vdr -c /var/lib/vdr/config -v video -Pxineliboutput
    2. vdr: error while reading '/var/lib/vdr/config/sources.conf'
    3. vdr: error while reading '/var/lib/vdr/config/channels.conf'

    Hello everybody
    my system is :
    ubuntu 14.04.1 64 bit
    vdr 2.0.6
    xineliboutput 1.1.0

    i compiled vdr with these command :
    at first i install library for vdr . and run make command

    then i download xineliboutput 1.1.0 plugin and copy it to this address

    1. /home/aoa/vdr-2.0.6/PLUGINS/src

    and then

    1. tar -zxvf vdr-xineliboutput-1.1.0.tgz

    1. ln -s xineliboutput-1.1.0 xineliboutput

    1. cd ../..

    1. make plugins

    and then

    1. sudo make install

    now vdr compiling is finish . i run vdr with command

    1. vdr -c config -v video -Pxineliboutput

    and see this issue

    1. vdr: can't access video directory video

    Is anything must i do ? if yes please help me .
    sorry for english .

    hello everyone
    i need your help for install vdr & use it on ubuntu 14.04.
    i have a few question . please answer me .

    1) which is the best way for install vdr on ubuntu 14.04 ? install from repo or compile source .
    2)have vdr irc channel ? if yes please give me address server it .
    3)is guide step by step for compile vdr and plugins ?
    4)i have dvb-t , dose vdr support dvb-t ?
    5)which is best plugin for output video on linux (ubuntu 14.04) ?

    sorry for English .

    At last i did it . i complie vdr-1.7.33 and softhddevice and run it with command

    1. ./vdr -c config -v video -Psofthddevice

    vdr was run and show me windows softhddevice but i have tow problem with it . video aspect rate is 4:3 and not full screen , i have monitor 16:9 withscreen .
    2.i haven't any control on vdr like as change channels and up and down volume sound and menu . how i set control difficult as keyboard .
    you can see output vdr

    [Blocked Image:]

    I don't think , it isn't old . look this . Version is 1.9.


    With the informations you have, you better go to a fedora specific forum

    This is good Ideas.


    Did you install softhddevice as a software package?

    No i don't . i compile from source it . i search for libxcb in repository and find these . look at

    do you have Ideas ?
    Thank you