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    I have my setup working great with xbmc as the main interface .
    My only issue is sleep,

    I have tried setting the timeout in the vdr interface and you can see the countdown in xbmc even if xbmc is playing.
    I have tried using the xbmc timeout but that does not do anything.

    if i hit the powerbutton on the device it suspends and if i click shutdown on xbmc it suspends.

    I am just a little lost on what to try next,

    If i use only the vdr interface it sleeps without any issues

    thanks for any help


    Hello ,

    First of all i would like to comment on how nice your Yavdr is , I have been testing several other systems recently,

    The 1 noted missing feature for me is the functionality of "Series link" i.e record a show no matter what time it is on.

    Do you have any plans on implementing this ,

    I do note that somebody has created a perl script to do this however i have not looked to much into it yet


    Thanks for all your Efforts



    Info for new

    vdr stop
    sudo apt-get install dvb-apps
    scan -x 0 -o vdr -a 0 /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/au-Goldcoast >> /etc/vdr/channels.conf
    vdr start