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    Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated for all the work.

    To filter for services transmitted on DVB-S2 is easier, but they may be HD, SD, or without video at all.

    Yes, DVB-S2 filter implementation would be good, as the provider I am interested has all HD services/channels, on DVB-S2 and sd on DVB-S, but as per your suggestion I have simply used the grep command and filter the channels file, like this.


    grep HD channles-file > sorted-file

    Cheers :D

    Doesnt make sense, therefore: no.


    What doesn't make sense the question or the need to scan hd channels only?

    It makes sense to me because I only want to scan HD channels without having to sort them after.

    Thanks for the reply guys.

    Just to make it clear I don't need the vdr as deb I was asking for deb to update dvbapi modules to resolve that problem, and update the driver to api 5.3 or above.

    I can get the vdr to skip the check or use an older version of vdr for that matter, but it's not just the vdr but also the plugins too, that give out the same error.

    These two latest have given me that error.


    Hi all, I've run in to slight problem, if anyone can help.

    When compiling I get this error.

    ERROR: requires linux DVB API v5.3 or higher.
    *** Please update your linux dvb headers,
    *** (usually /usr/include/linux/dvb).
    *** EXITING!

    I've tried updating kernel and headers and also trying to download v4l drivers but without success.

    Anyone have the deb for lucid ubuntu 10.4?

    How can I resolve this?


    Hi adder,

    first of all xine-vaapi is more intel related so maybe you can't get a picture with it. But for testing get sure that you use the git versions of ffmpeg. Try also vdr-xine instead of xinelibouput. You have to activate vaapi in configuration dialog of xine or with --video=vaapi (not sure use xine --help for details).


    Hi, yes am testing I've used git and svn versions of ffmpeg both are with the same problem, and I've tried with vdr-xine I don't use xineliboutput much.

    Although I don't get this problem with normal xine-lib-.1.2 or xine-lib-1.2.1, my cpu maxis out with ubuntu 12.04 and this creates the problem of sound cut off and frames dropped on live tv, even with xine-lib and ffmpeg that worked in ubuntu 9.10.

    I have xvba and vaapi installed, just matter of finding ones that might work with my cpu.

    I've tried edit mem.c file in the ffmpeg for my cpu but that is not help either.

    Hi all.

    Currently am having some issues with xine-lib-vaapi. I've complied and installed just fine, but I get "no signal" black screen on all HD channles, but I can hear audio in the background and no errors reported. sd channels work fine, just the hd ones are with this problem.

    Am using AMD phanom with 3 cores processor and ati radion 3200hd latest drivers, with vdr.

    Is there a special command to call vaapi with xine? Like with VDPAU or is vaapi done automatically?

    Just can't understand the black screen.

    Thanks for any help.


    At last we have a real plugin for vdr to work as front end as well as video acceleration. I just complied it and it's fantastic. Great work from the author, well done John.

    I know it's still work in progress and lots to be done, but is anyone here tried it?

    Seems very stable.

    Hi adder,
    if you define your video directory as "/media/vdr/video0" you can add more partitions through linking them to "/media/vdr/video1", "/media/vdr/video2" aso

    Thanks, Let me get this right, I would need to add a line Like this in the config file before make? And it's only one dir line instead of two separate lines.

    VIDEODIR = /media/video/vdr, /media/0a9d41e6-f35b-44ac-ad34-1032739b24e7_/vdr, and so on


    VIDEODIR = /media/vdr/video0, /media/0a9d41e6-f35b-44ac-ad34-1032739b24e7_/video1, and so on

    And not like this

    VIDEODIR = /media/vdr/video0
    VIDEODIR = /media/vdr/video1
    VIDEODIR = /media/vdr/video2
    And so on

    Or the third method is the line would just one like so

    VIDEODIR = /media/vdr/video0

    but make links only and vdr will take care of video1 automatically?

    Which is the correct method above?

    Hi all, I've got a question.

    When using vdr to define disk partion for recording space when adding another hard drive or disks with more partions how can I make vdr to recognise other space in the Make.config file?

    Currently in the Make.config I have defined the dir for video like this.

    "VIDEODIR = /media/video/vdr"

    But now I want to add more space and say I want to add this partion as well as the one above for vdr to make use of.

    I've tried like with few variation but it doesn't work.
    "VIDEODIR0 = /media/video/vdr"
    ""VIDEODIR1 = /media/0a9d41e6-f35b-44ac-ad34-1032739b24e7_/vdr"

    I rather have the option in the Make.config file and compile the vdr than having to use -v option on the startup of vdr.

    Can this be done, and if so how should I add the lines to Make.config?


    Well to solve the above error I had to install a firmware and rebooted and it worked, I guess the problem must have been somewhere in the ubuntu 9.10, and both of the above lines were commented out in the make file.

    Anyhow does someone know why I get this error in the xineliboutput plugin compilation.

    When I make the plugin I get make error

    Thanks for that. I am using ubuntu 9.10 now since I was having too many problems with new ones.

    Can I ask what is the location of drivers for Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-HD-S2? On the ubuntu 9.10?

    I don't know what to add in the Make.config file on this location.

    DVBDIR = /usr/local/src/s2-liplianin/linux
    DVBDIR = /usr/src/v4l-dvb/linux

    Both the above don't work, and all I have in my /usr/src/ Dir. are 4 folders as follows


    But I do see Adpater0 in the /dev/dvb part/


    Hi too all, Wanted to ask if there is a English guide for vdr on latest ubuntu? And also sc plugin inluded.

    Any links or if anyone has it please PM me.

    I've tried few around, but seem to be very old with broken links.