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    Homecast is making STB from that chipset.
    But it is not Linux based. Actually Zoran company has no Linux :D
    This is the trick on team, Linux System made for Zoran.

    Zoran supports all DVB broadcast types.

    For development kits, you can ask Cankey.

    For source and Wiki + Repro will be build so you can download and contribute.

    Cankey is the team leader.
    RichardFromB is the Cheff of the Development.

    Me, smallishzulu, as from the name the guy who makes test and contiribute on roadmap.

    Cankey & RichardFromB can help on contributing issue.

    Currently VDR is working on STB with DVB-S Signals.
    We will patch for S2 as well.

    DirectFB running and now we make it run with mplayer.

    After we will go with QT, Java & their apps.

    Zoran S180 chipset is very powerful.
    Chipset has RT (realtime proccess) Side and App Side.

    In specifications you can see it support playback of MKV, DivX, FLV with help of libs.

    So, the team is developing it supporting DVB standarts. Imagine like this:
    DVB STB with S2/S/C/T Support based on Linux DVB Api
    So it can support many current apps like CCCam, Newcamd.

    DirectFB driver for MPlayer or Xine for MKV, DivX, FLV playback
    QT support for apps like youtube shoutcast net browser clients.

    No such powerful product now.


    Originally posted by Hanno
    Your responses are very brief and it is difficult to understand what you are trying to achieve. Could you please write a bit more about your project? It sounds interesting, for sure!

    DirectFB is used for video acceleration.

    In the development, Linux standart libs and modules are used to make it usable by any Linux application without changes.


    Originally posted by steffen_b
    What is taking care of video decoding acceleration ? Is it available to be used from Linux ?