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    I've tried it and it does not work.
    The funny thing is that with the plugin reelchannelscan I made a channel scan with a tuner and it worked perfectly.
    But then the channels are not, says "channel not available."
    In the configuration of DVB tuner 3 sets my default (when the PlayTV only takes two) if I select one, two or four, I feel the same, but it also happens to be the vdr very small and fails to skin .

    The tuner works (because I found the channels) but I can not see any.

    I can look?


    Tomorrow I test it and I commented that such.

    Hello, I've tried everything, turn off and on, install updates, no install, etc..
    Doing the same with the version 0.1.1 works perfectly (installing the base system from the cd, everything works)
    But with version 0.2 I can not watch TV.
    The output of dmesg is the same, has encountered a Sony PlayTV, and it has been activated.
    But in the version 0.1.1 I can watch TV, search channels, etc., but version 0.2 is not possible.

    The firmware is installed in the correct folder, although version 0.1.1 did not have to install firmware, everything works the first time.

    What could be happening? what else I can check?

    Hello, I have a problem with a Sony PlayTV and yavdr 0.2
    With me it detects yavdr 0.1.1 and it works perfectly, but with yavdr 0.2, it is detected equally well (the output of dmesg seems correct) but I can not see anything, or scan channels.
    I tried to put the channels.conf but does not work, does not detect the tuners.
    That has changed in the 0.2 to not work? I looked around and I find it can be.

    Thank you.

    PS: Sorry for English, but I am Spaniard and I translated with Google:-D