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    To save energy you should suggest to leave Auto shutdown enabled and to Power up the machine using wakeonlan and rtc wakeup. Vdr is able to program the computers built-in clock to wake-up if a recording is imminent. If your hardware supports S3 sleep mode under Linux it will be available within seconds.

    I have looked into ACPI Wakeup, haven't got it working yet but have't really had time to investigate. I have:

    installed vdr-addon-acpiwakeup
    enabled it in /etc/vdr/vdr-addon-acpiwakeup.conf
    checked that UTC=yes in /etc/default /rcS
    ammened GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="hpet=disabled" in /etc/default/grub

    To test it can I just set a time in acpiwakeup.conf eg:
    # Wakeup time

    then issue a shutdown -h now

    My VDR server - Ubuntu 11.10 with yavdr pppas: yavdr/main & stable-vdr (see signature for hardware specs), is shutting itself off when inactive. I had the PC on for over 10hours during the day (active) and it all seems fine. But whenever I wake up in the morning it has shut down!

    It is not overheating as all the devices are running at low temps even after 10hours of use, I check these via phpsysinfo.

    At first I thought it was my TV card - so I unplugged it and left the server on over night. When I woke up in the morning it had shut itself down. This has happened on 2 different TV cards!

    I tried the same experiment the next evening but stopped VDR by running:

    1. /etc/init.d/vdr stop

    When I woke up the PC was still on which makes me believe VDR is the culprit.

    Here is chunk of my /var/log/kern.log pastebin

    Important part I believe is below, Looks like it shutdown at 3:35am and I pressed the power button to turn it back on at 17:45:

    I have just bought a L4M-Twin S2 ver 6.2 and installed it in my server (3.0.0-15-server) which is running VDR installed from the "stable-vdr" natty ppa's

    How do I install the drivers for this card?

    lspci -v

    1. 04:00.0 Multimedia controller: Device dd01:0003 Subsystem: Device dd01:0020 Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 10 Memory at febf0000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=64K] Capabilities:

    So I have done the following on my Ubuntu Desktop 11.10:

    Added the PPAs
    Installed VDR: sudo apt-get install vdr vdr-plugin-xineliboutput vdr-plugin-xvdr vdr-plugin-vnsiserver vdr-plugin-eepg
    Installed XBMC: sudo apt-get install xbmc xbmc-addon-xvdr
    Edited my channels.conf

    It all works fine in XBMC using VNSI, but there is no XVDR addon within XBMC,which I was expecting??

    Also how do i fore the vdr-plugin-eepg to update?
    I have installed vdr plugin-eepg and configured XBMC to show 5 days of listings, but I am only getting now & next listing. When I was using the yaVDR 0.4.ISO and this addon I got a week of listings.

    Thank you

    I think that is only a typo in my post. I am away from home for a week to check. But i'm sure I double checked the spelling - in fact I never changed the spelling of Ctrl - as it the the wording on the right hand side of the = sign which was changed ie I only changed KEY_IMAGES to KEY_FN and it all worked as expected. I'll let you know if you are correct

    Right I finally got my head around all this. I was unaware of evtest which cleared a lot up for me. Just in case anyone else wants it this was the results:

    (REMOTE KEY) Ouput from evtest = HOW I HAVE MAPPED THEM

    (TV) ctrl+KEY_T = KEY_TV

    (POWER) alt+KEY_F4 = KEY_POWER2

    (REW) ctrl+shift+KEY_B = KEY_REWIND

    (PLAY) ctrl+shift+KEY_P = KEY_PLAY

    (FWD) ctrl+shift+KEY_F = KEY_FASTFORWARD

    (STOP) ctrl+shift+KEY_S = KEY_STOP


    (PAUSE) ctrl+KEY_P = KEY_PAUSE

    (SKIP) ctrl+KEY_F = KEY_NEXT




    (UP) KEY_UP = KEY_UP





    (ASPECT) ctrl+shift+KEY_Z = KEY_SCREEN

    (RED) ctrl+KEY_E = KEY_VIDEO

    (GREEN) ctrl+KEY_M = KEY_AUDIO

    (YELLOW) ctrl+KEY_I = KEY_FN

    (BLUE) ctrl+shift+KEY_T = KEY_PVR

    (START) alt+meta+KEY_ENTER = KEY_MENU



    (0) KEY_0 = KEY_0

    (1) KEY_1 = KEY_1

    (2) KEY_2 = KEY_2

    (3) KEY_3 = KEY_3

    (4) KEY_4 = KEY_4

    (5) KEY_5 = KEY_5

    (6) KEY_6 = KEY_6

    (7) KEY_7 = KEY_7

    (8) KEY_8 = KEY_8

    (9) KEY_9 = KEY_9


    (HASH) shift+KEY_3 = KEY_SETUP

    (GUIDE) ctrl+KEY_G = KEY_EPG

    (RTV) ctrl+KEY_O = KEY_CHANNEL



    (RADIO) ctrl+KEY_A = KEY_BLUE

    (DVD) ctrl+shift+KEY_M = KEY_YELLOW

    (AUDIO) ctrl+shift+KEY_A = KEY_GREEN

    (TITLE) ctrl+KEY_U = KEY_RED

    MSN, Vol Up & Down are not detected. Vol Up & DOWN do work correctly.

    One think I noticed was the YELLOW button is working incorrectly. When I set it as this:
    ctrl+KEY_I = KEY_IMAGES
    irw outputs Ctril + KEY_I (not KEY_)

    but when I changed it to :
    ctrl+KEY_I = KEY_FN

    irw outputs to: KEY_FN

    Thank you for your help. Part of the problem was I was editting the wrong LIRCMAP file and was getting it confuses with the Keymap.xml

    This was the correct one: /var/lib/vdr/.xbmc/userdata/Lircmap.xml

    I should have enough resources to install the full Desktop version with a GUI. If I get on fine with it I may start again with the Server install, I know it makes more sense but a GUI will just be easier for me and my limited linux.

    I believe the vdr-plugin-xvdr configuration file defaults to allow all traffic from within the subnet, but thanks for the tip.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Just for confirmation...

    3) Installation XBMC without a supported graphic card is not necessary

    Are you saying if I have a compatible NVIDIA graphics card I can test if it has all worked on the server via XBMC. If I do not have a compatible NVIDIA card I can't use XBMC. How can I test everything has setup correctly on the server, via VDR xine?

    I assume this is the best choice of platform:
    64bit 11.04 ubuntu destkop with the yavdr PPA is my best bet, to get a working VDR.
    OpenElec clients with the vxdr plugin again from the PPAs to make recording to the server.


    I currently run a FreeNas file server on one desktop PC. And a HTPC running yavdr acting as a server/client.

    I would like to turn the PC running FreeNas into a Ubuntu 11.04 desktop with the yavdr PPAs making it a Ubuntu TV & file server.

    1) Is there a guide I can follow?
    2) I know I have to use the PPA ( stable-yavdr , stable-vdr & stable-xbmc ). But which packages do I need to install to just get the basics up and running?
    Obviously I need to install vdr, how do I go about gettings the DVB-S2 drivers, do I use s2-liplianin-dkms from the yavdr PPA or should I just go about it as if it were a normal Ubuntu install (drivers from the manufacturers website)?
    3) Do I need to install XBMC if it is headless
    4) Again if it is headless do I need a decent graphics card, or can I get away with old hardware?
    5) Can I have the yavdr webGUI on a ubuntu desktop - i guess this package
    - would it work, does it have dependencies?

    Finally, I assume the above is the best solution. The other idea I had considered was running an ESXI or other virtualised server with a full yavdr install. Would I need IOMMU compatible hardware if I went this route, or being headless would it not matter?

    Any help would be appreciated, I have found lots of most saying install via the PPAs but I could not find anyone listing the packages required. Thanks