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    Hello, I am trying to get my satellite provider (Digital+ spain) EPG data. I am MythTV user, but I look on internet that lot of VDR people is using this tool to get EPG data from Media High Way providers.

    If I active the EIT scan on MythTV I just get the current and next program data, as well as with tv_grab_dvb.

    I search this tool: The last news is from 2005.

    I want to know if someone here is using and if it works well. I am new on Linux, I will appreciate any help.

    Thanks for all your help and best regards.

    OK, thanks again your four replys, I have confusion with driver and firmware.

    I read the LinuxTV wiki about the card:

    There is a script for kernel 2.6.30, Debian Squeeze has 2.6.32 so i think it will work on it:…/TeVii_S470#Older_kernels

    Questions about drivers and firware:

    1. Is necessary to install Tevii's official firmware?

    2. I need to choose between "s2-liplianin" and "v4l-dvb" driver? What is different?

    3. This will be a stupid question: What is the difference between driver and firmware?

    4. Which version of Nvidia drivers do you recommned to work with VDPAU?

    Thanks you very much about all of your help.

    King regards!

    Thank you very much for your replys. If I use the "s2-liplianin" drivers, I don't need to install Tevii's official drivers?

    I am new on this I a don't understand this drivers items. I wan to use it with a Debian Squeeze system.

    An other questions: With VDPAU (Nvidia ION), is possible to watch sat HD channels?

    Thanks for all and king regards.

    Hello everybody! I am new on this forum, sorry for my poor english.

    I want to try to config a HTPC on Linux, I want to try with VDR and MythTV. I have a Nvidia ION based board with a Intel Atom preocessor.

    I want to buy a DVB-S2 card, I am thinking on the Tevii S470. I want know if some of you have one of this cards and which is your experience with it in Linux.

    Edited: deleted the plugin questions, sorry.

    Thanks for all and best regards.

    Hello, I am new on this forum. I want to try VDR on my Debian Lenny laptop. I have a Pinnacle USB DVB-T card.

    Can someone help with this?

    I must compile from source? I prefer to install from a Debian repository, but I didn't find it on

    Thanks for all!