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    Bitte hat jemand ein gutes diseqc.conf und ein rotor.conf für den Einsteck Rotor? Ich erreiche, ihn zu kompilieren und zu laden, aber mein diseqc.conf bildet es Abbruch

    Please, somebody has a good diseqc.conf and rotor.conf for the rotor plugin?
    I manage to compile and load it but my diseqc.conf makes it crash

    Hallo Marc,

    Yes the rotor plugin with the S2API patch compiles and loads but when I tried to move the motor with por signal VDR crashed to desktop.

    The locked channels problem is if using extension patch 0.70 I enable ROTOR =1
    Then channels are locked, but if I do not do that, then it compiles and runs ok, although not stable.

    Ich ferstehe Du hast nur DVB-C und keine rotor so Du kanst nicht hilfen

    Danke, Aber es nicht geht

    I tried make all but doesn´t do anything

    channelscan-0.6.1$ sudo make all
    make: *** No rule to make target `all'. Stop.

    Is this supposed to work with CHANNELSCAN =1 in Make.config (extensions 70)
    or without that?

    I have VDR 1.7.5 and even managed to get the rotor plugin loading, but channelscan .... no luck

    It looks as if the rotor plugin is no longer maintained and it does not compile with S2-API for example.

    I suggest you install xdipo for your rotor and then use the setup plugin to define a menu like ´Rotor´

    and there entries for your various positions (launching the right command for each of them)

    xdipo has a gui and also support command line parameters.

    I see the dialog for less than a second, I have no time to answer it.

    Other dialogs are ok for example the one to stop the current recording displays for a reasonable amount of time
    and I can press Ok to confirm it.


    Originally posted by 9000H

    when the dialog comes up you have to confirm it in time, if you dont the the dialog goes away and your recording will not be deleted. this is by design.


    I have an otherwise functional VDR 1.7.4 installation

    I wrote a howto with my findings and experiences to help others.

    However a minor issue remains.

    I go to Recordings, select a recording I want to delete and press the yellow button to delete it
    the confirmation dialog blinks for a second and goes away, and the recording of course stays there.

    This happens with all recordings.

    Anybody knows if this is a 1.7.4 bug?

    How can I ideally fix it or at least eliminate the confirmation dialogs (so that actions ARE carried away)
    As it stands I can no nothing that requires confirmation.