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    hello all

    all working fine on my system but the image is little dark

    i connect my other systems and the image is brigtet then yavdr

    there any way to correct the gamma brigthness on yavdr??

    thanks for help

    hello again

    if i use dvi to hdmi on 8500gt all works fine (she dont have hdmi only dvi)

    i can set the display rescan monitor and all work fine 60 hz or 50 hz

    if i put the gt520 and connect direct hdmi i can see the pc boot and the post put wone yavdr start vdr the tv says no signal

    if i connect gt520 by dvi i can see the mouse but vdr dont start

    i try from web to rescan monitor and the pc hangs every time

    i gone try on another computer ( windows system to are sure the card is good even if it is new

    one question

    how to reset xorg.conf from yavdr

    any one have a xorg.conf whit this card???

    hello all

    i have bought a nvidia gt520 from asus to replace my old 8500gt

    if i put the gt520 on the system start the computer but wen i gone start xine ou xineliboutput says no signal ----------------hdmi connection

    if i put the gt520 on the system start the comp uter but wen i gone start xine ou xineliboutput never start but never says no signal------------dvi

    i use the 1920x1080 60 hz

    if i try to change the resolution or xine for xineliboutput the browser says error wrting and the cpu crash

    put again the 8500gt all working fine

    any ideia

    hello all

    i have yavdr working on this hardware

    amd atlhon II x2 4450e

    nvidia 8500gt

    2g ddr3

    har drive 160g

    cablestar hd2

    this is enough???

    i see on hd channel a litle tearing, no fluid image like on sd channels

    what do i have to upgrade or change on config

    hd channels are bob deinterlace

    and sd channel are temporal

    the core are at 800mhz

    how do i fiz to 1600mhz??

    thanks for your help

    hello all

    can someone help me please

    i have my yavdr stable working fine

    i try to see channels whit audio aac but no sound on vdr

    if i go to xbmc and see it whit xvdr all sound works

    i have try use xine and xineliboutput and nothing

    thanks already for you help


    hello all

    i have a cablestar2 and i try to scan on vdr but dont give me any channel

    i have stop vdr and try w_scan

    w_scan can find all the services but wen dumping give me only a few

    ani idea about this problem??



    Original von IG88

    did anyone got the browser working (ehd on tv)?

    yes i have also but i have make a chroot and then compile all the plugins i want on it because if i intall the dvd an then try to install reelbox-devel the firefox dont work.

    after that i have copy all the plugin libs to the real reelvdr

    theres a how to on wiki to make a chroot and all the file we need


    hello again

    ii have installed reelvdr from the last dvd and try to compile

    for that a make

    aptitude install reelbox-devel

    and after that compile the reelvdr and somes plugins i want


    imonlcd and other

    the problem is wen i do that the firefox, openoffice and another thinks are updated to and i never acheive to put the firefox working again on reelvdr

    there any way to installl the reelbox-devel whitout mess my system??